Barnyard Jailbreak

Oh lordy it’s been so long.  Self-preservation on my end.  I love writing about the animals so much but there’s been no time to do it the way I want to.  I’ve missed all of you.  I’m back to give it another try 🙂

Everyone in the barnyard is doing well.  I will soon write about trying to potty train the alpacas, the new chicks and surrounding drama, broody hens everywhere, the goings-on with the older hens, Keela’s bad leg.

But let’s start with Brandy, the goat who decided that the summer of 2016 was the time to learn how to open gates.

At first I thought it was me.  My routine has changed with my wonderful now-not-so-new job. Sometimes, during my last morning visit to the barnyard my brain has already left for work. A few times Brandy ended up on the backyard side of the fence, and a few times locked in the very small “human side” of the shed where the broody hens sit and the hay is stored.

How did she get here?

How did she get here?

Hmm.  Could I really be that absent-minded?

We went on a lovely vacation to the beach and Very Excellent Neighbor Joy took care of the animals.  She said Brandy got out once, and she was concerned because she was so careful to latch the gates.  None of the other animals were out.  Only Brandy.


Then one morning I watched as that crazy goat put her front hooves on the shed gate, stretched her not-so-long neck up and over the top and started flicking the latch with her nose.  I didn’t see her unlatch it, but when I went out to check on them before work, she was in the garage knocking over all the feed containers.

Ha!  Now I knew what was up.  That gate got a lock, and human that I am, I patted myself on the back and called that mystery solved.

Until the next day when I came home from walking Keela, opened the door to the backyard to let her out, and saw this…

Jester, hanging out under the clothesline!

Jester, hanging out under the clothesline!

And this…

Doink, thinking he has won the grass lottery!

Doink, thinking he won the grass lottery!

Sammy, looking confused, as usual!

Sammy, looking confused, as usual!


Let the roundup begin.

Come on everyone. Back to the barnyard ya go.

Let’s go everyone. Back to the barnyard.

Come on big boy.

Come on big boy.

Brandy cuts in line and is now first.

Brandy cuts in line.

Look at Doink's face! He loved his brief time on the outside.

Look at Doink’s face! He’s looking longingly at that grass.

Jester was not going to give up so easily.

OMG! I can't believe this!

OMG! I can’t believe this!

Can I come in?

Can I come in? Please?

All good things must come to an end...

All good things must come to an end…Brandy seems to be plotting her next move…

So now the green gate has a lock on it.  Human 1, Goat 0.  Then the next day, there was this.

Why won't it open like it did yesterday??

Why won’t it open like it did yesterday??

I’ve got to get up at the break of dawn to outwit that crazy goat.  Good thing I’m an early riser!