Me?  What can I say…


The Stats: one husband, three kids, same house for 25 years.

The Passions: family, friends, good food, cold cocktails, my dog Keela, sittin’ in the shade and watching the animals on a hot summer day.

The Barnyard:  We’re on one perfect acre in Colorado.  I discovered a whole new world when I put in a chicken coop and run about the same time our kids were leaving the nest.  Those first ten chickens got me hooked!  I commandeered more and more of the backyard, adopted Doink the pig and Brandy the goat, got another goat and then two more, kept adding chickens…who knows where it will stop!

The Blog:  I love writing about the animals.  I’m always inspired by their unique personalities, their (mostly) empathetic interaction with each other and their amazing humor!

The Day-to-Day: never bored, sometimes exhausted, always lovin’ life.

Wanna Chat?  You can contact me at joan@thechickenmama.com