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Sorry I've been gone for so long.  Maybe you've missed the barnyard. No excuses from me except I haven't felt I've had the time to write something properly. But now, yesterday, Lucy died.  She seemed fine on Friday.  I was able to spend a lot of time in the barnyard, my favorite place in the world, hanging out with my good animal friends. Lucy was scratching and pecking like she didn't have a … [Read more...]

Change Is Good

Change is good?  That is not something I say frequently.  I am a stay-at-home, routine-lovin' girl.  To my core. But I just got a new job, and I am thrilled.  THRILLED, I say.  I don't think opportunities like this come along very often, at least they haven't for me.  In a nutshell, this gray-haired, middle-aged, left-brained organizer is now working for a group of young, right-brained creative … [Read more...]

A Simple Happy Holiday

We've been busy around here, like everyone else, but not over-the-top-busy.  We're going minimal on the decorations this year, and I gotta tell you it feels good.  Big tree, greenery, stockings, holiday knick knacks—nope.  All those boxes are still in the garage.  The wreath, window lights and a Charlie Brown tree are the only things that made the cut. Very Excellent Husband Don started … [Read more...]

Best. Mushrooms. Ever.

Greetings from there's-not-enough-hours-in-the-day land.  I've been trying to insulate the shed this week.  I want to use all recycled materials, which takes a lot more time.  My daily trips to ReSource to see if they've got anything new are enjoyable but only sometimes fruitful.  I got a lot of fiberglass insulation from a neighbor for the walls—score! It all needs to be trimmed down and I am NOT … [Read more...]

The Chicken Mama Is Now On Etsy

Internet friends, let me introduce you to my new venture...The Chicken Mama Etsy Store I've put this off way too long.  I have no idea why.  I think I'm afraid to fail.  Scared no one will like it.  Well, here goes! I love creating things.  Big things, like my hay shed.  But I also love spending time in the spare bedroom—let's call it my studio, shall we?—sewing and printing and stamping … [Read more...]

Stuff I Built This Summer

It's no secret that I like building stuff.  A lot.  I'm not very good at it, but I have a great time and nothing has fallen apart...yet. I started this summer knowing the VERY FIRST project I wanted to tackle was to insulate the goat shed.  But that's so boring.  "Look at the wall with insulation behind it!" usually doesn't get a lot of high fives.  It's like putting a new roof on a house. … [Read more...]

I Spy A Skunk

Some days, I feel like I've dodged a bullet.  Yesterday, I was ready for a morning of barnyard chores, poised to exit the back door with Keela at my side. Then, I spied this. I was not amused.  I was, however, grateful we had not yet stepped out the door.  Keela is unable to resist chasing these critters and getting sprayed. This guy was in no hurry to leave.  I watched him cross the … [Read more...]

So Much Happiness and Joy

Wow.  I've been away from the blog for the longest time since I started writing. I've missed all of you! I don't write anything ahead and I simply haven't had enough time to sit down in front of my computer. But what a monumental time we've had. So, let's get caught up, ok? We had a graduation, a birthday and the best party in the world to celebrate both.  Our Excellent Son Cameron graduated … [Read more...]