The Coyote Patrol

I was outside around 11am doing some work when I heard Keela's alert bark and saw her as a blur headed towards the back fence.  There was a coyote, not 20 feet away.  It was a little east of our property, right behind Excellent Next Door Neighbor Joy's house. I note this because she has a nice 4' fence back there, and the same fence separates her yard from the barnyard.  Our back fence is … [Read more...]

It’s Funny Photo Day

Around here, there's a very deep blanket of snow on the ground and more is forecast for the NEXT FIVE DAYS.  Of course, it is February in Colorado, so what should I expect? Actually, we usually get a big dump of snow followed by days of beautiful sunshine.  So I guess that's what I expect.  I'm trying not to be cranky, but I AM CRANKY and not very pleasant to be around. To lighten my mood, I … [Read more...]

My Dog, My Friend

Last night, after an unexpected long afternoon/evening away from home, I opened the front door and heard a familiar sound—Keela dragging herself off the couch to come and greet me. Couple of seconds later she was at my feet, saying hello with her usual full-body stretch. Very Excellent Husband Don wasn't home yet.  It was late, the house was quiet.  I was tired. I was sad.  But I wasn't alone, … [Read more...]

Unwelcome Visitor

I heard a ruckus out in the barnyard recently.  At exactly the same time Keela started barking like crazy in the house.  We went out to see what the fuss was all about.  The goats and Doink were munching on grass and acted like nothing was happening. But Middle Man, (one of the new babies who turned into a very vocal rooster) was running back and forth between the sheds like, well, a chicken … [Read more...]

Things I Saw While Walking Around

Autumn keeps on coming in these here parts.  Tonight the forecast is for a low of 34°, with a slight chance of SNOW.  Ugh. Very Excellent Daughter Libby is coming home for a short visit and we're going to do some winter-proofing in the barnyard. The Farmer's Almanac is predicting bitter cold in our area this year, so I better be ready.  Double ugh. Anyhow, for now, my days are filled with … [Read more...]

What A Day

Well, I asked for winter to be over, and it is!  I'm not shoveling snow.  I'm not breaking ice in the water buckets.  I'm not bundled up in layers and layers of clothes.  I even stored much of my cold weather gear. Winter is boring.  But SPRING?  Oh yeah, spring is EXCITING!  Exciting...and exhausting! I spent yesterday building stuff.  A rolling wood-and-tool-storage-thingy.  I got the … [Read more...]

Egg, Egg…Who’s Got The Egg?

Sometimes, for me, writing a post is hard to come by.  My rule is to be true to my animals. I don't make these stories up.  They are told to me by my four-legged (and in the case of chickens, two-legged) friends. Unfortunately, some days are more interesting than others. Today, it snowed all day. There was lots of shoveling and checking on the animals.  Photos were taken.  But nothing special … [Read more...]

Keela 3, Squirrels 0

Earlier today, just after my healthy yogurt breakfast, I looked out the window and saw Keela with an obviously very fresh dead squirrel in her mouth. She was slinking around the yard trying to find a place to bury it.  She looked at me, gave me the stink eye (Don't come near my squirrel, lady!) and tried to become invisible. I was impressed.  The squirrels around here are very fast and highly … [Read more...]