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Best. Mushrooms. Ever.

Greetings from there's-not-enough-hours-in-the-day land.  I've been trying to insulate the shed this week.  I want to use all recycled materials, which takes a lot more time.  My daily trips to ReSource to see if they've got anything new are enjoyable but only sometimes fruitful.  I got a lot of fiberglass insulation from a neighbor for the walls—score! It all needs to be trimmed down and I am NOT … [Read more...]

Fun With Milk—Making Butter and Cheese

I recently purchase a herd share from a local farmer.  Here in Colorado, that's how raw milk can change hands.  The sale of raw milk is illegal, but if I buy a herd share, then pay my monthly "boarding" fees, I get raw milk from my "share" of the herd.  It must take lawmakers a lot of time to come up with something that convoluted, but hey, I'm getting my milk.  From happy cows.  With names.  I'm … [Read more...]

Breakfast Avocado Love

I haven't posted a recipe in a while.  I believe the honor system when sharing a recipe requires altering it dramatically enough to make it your own, and I'm not that creative of a cook.  I mostly follow recipes I find to a T.  So the dishes I cook are not "inspired by" nor "based on" nor "adapted from".  They're straight from Sunset Magazine or Cooks Illustrated or Food Network or my stash of … [Read more...]

Grits…Swiss Chard…And An Egg

Oh man.  Again, I try and try and simply can't take a good photo of my food.  I promise you this recipe tastes crazy good, even if the pictures are not blog-worthy. I start with Alton Brown's grits recipe. Tonight they came out a bit lumpy. I blame it on needing to feed the animals in the barnyard while the grits were cooking, so the whisking had to wait while Doink got his dinner. Lumps … [Read more...]

Sandwich Like Daddy’s

When the kids were little, Very Excellent Husband Don would take them to McDonald's on Sunday morning so I could sleep in. The kids would get pancakes, VEH Don would get an Egg McMuffin without the sausage and I would get some shut eye. Frankly, I always thought I got the best part of the deal. Anyway, somehow the kids started calling that Egg McMuffin a "Sandwich Like Daddy's" and we … [Read more...]

Our Out-Of-The-Fridge Dinner

Yeah, I know.  I'm incapable of posting an egg recipe once a week.  My bad. I SHOULD have taken food pictures on Friday night when our happy hour group - nine of us in all - came back to our house on the spur of the moment to continue the happiness with huevos rancheros and dancing in the kitchen. Eighteen eggs made-to-order, two on top of each steaming stack of tortilla, refried beans, chopped … [Read more...]

Fried Rice For A Crowd

We had seven friendly faces here for Sunday Supper last night. (Yes, once again I'm posting Eggcellent Sunday on a Monday...oh well :-))  It was also movie afternoon, with a showing of the first part of Lawrence of Arabia going on in the living room while I cooked. Much to Excellent Husband Don's chagrin (it's one of his favorites) this movie is completely lost on me.  Sand. Men in robes.  More … [Read more...]

Egg Sandwich – The Veggie Version

Last week I shared Thomas Keller's Awesome Egg Sandwich with cheese, lettuce, mayo and bacon. Now, Mr. Keller's one of the best chefs in the world. I am but a lowly Chicken Mama. BUT, I know what I like. I don't eat bacon, haven't since I was twenty-one. Since I now look a pig in the eye every morning and receive great pleasure from doing so, the odds that I'm going to start eating bacon … [Read more...]