The New and Improved Goat Shed

Well, it took a while but it's finally (mostly) complete.  With an El Niño winter forecast—colder and wetter than normal—I wanted the goat shed to be more comfortable for humans (well, me) and beasts. Some improvements were just for the alpacas.  I moved the dividing wall on the upper part so the animals would have more room.  I made the back door to the south bigger and also enlarged the … [Read more...]

Working and Watching

No getting around it anymore.  Fall is definitely here.  It was drab and raining on and off for a few days.  I know we need the moisture but it certainly affects my personality.  I wanted to curl up and hibernate. But then the sun came out to take the chill from the air and I made a beeline to the barnyard to do those winterizing chores I've been putting off all summer. I've been working in the … [Read more...]

Stuff I Built This Summer

It's no secret that I like building stuff.  A lot.  I'm not very good at it, but I have a great time and nothing has fallen apart...yet. I started this summer knowing the VERY FIRST project I wanted to tackle was to insulate the goat shed.  But that's so boring.  "Look at the wall with insulation behind it!" usually doesn't get a lot of high fives.  It's like putting a new roof on a house. … [Read more...]

The BEST Halloween Craft EVER

I have a cousin, Beth, who is crazy talented.  Crazy. Talented.  Everything she touches turns freaking awesome. She has always been kind of magical to me.  She was the older cousin I looked up to, the sister I never had.  She married the second most wonderful man in the world (Very Excellent Husband Don gets top honors - sorry Fayne!) and they have more fun than any two people I know. They … [Read more...]

April Showers Bring May Outdoor Projects

Springtime arrives!  I spend a few moments being grateful and then spring into action.  There's work to be done! The big upgrade this year was taking out the t-post fence and replacing it with something nicer.  This served two purposes - expanding the barnyard and blocking the view of the storage area behind the garage.  The posts went in a few months ago and we worked on the fence when it … [Read more...]

Garden Dreams

  Remember when there was no Internet and all we had to judge ourselves by was our next door neighbors? Sometimes I long for those days. Here's the deal.  I am not a good gardener.  I want to be, but I am not. Gardening is not for those of use who like instant gratification. A tomato takes about four months minimum to grow around here.  Each of my chickens lays an egg once … [Read more...]

Egg Blowing The Easy Way

When I first wanted to learn how to blow an egg - the dark brown speckled eggs my Black Copper Maran princesses are laying are too gorgeous not to decorate with - I went to the great wide Internet for instructions.  Whoa. On YouTube, there's lots of people, speaking many different languages, sharing a multitude of strategies on how to blow an egg.  I wasted the better part of a morning (like I … [Read more...]

Finding the Right Craft Project

I've been working through a small mid-life crisis by trying to figure out what I want to do in my creative life.  I'd like to find something I enjoy doing, develop my skills, and make a little money on the side by selling the fruits of my labors.  In the past, I've enjoyed making table runners, and have sold a few at our Just The Right Things store on Etsy. I decided to try lots of different … [Read more...]