Archives for June 2016

Laying Sod In The Barnyard

Yep.  You read that right.  We recently laid sod in the barnyard.  How ridiculous is that?  But my Excellent Friend Nancy was giving away some and I had bare places in the barnyard where I wanted grass.  Match made in heaven. For a while, I've had this dream of re-seeding some of those bare areas, but when I thought it through—something I don't usually do— of course the chickens would eat all … [Read more...]

The Day The Alpaca Shearer Came

So here I am, trying to ride this bicycle of a blog again.  Why does it seem so hard to do?  I'm gonna say that since I now devote 30+ hours a week to a job is maybe, just maybe, the answer.  My quiet time in the morning, curled up in my happy place on the couch typing away, is simply not available anymore.  I'm aiming for one post a month, with a daily photo on Facebook and Instagram.  Follow me … [Read more...]