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Change Is Good

Change is good?  That is not something I say frequently.  I am a stay-at-home, routine-lovin' girl.  To my core. But I just got a new job, and I am thrilled.  THRILLED, I say.  I don't think opportunities like this come along very often, at least they haven't for me.  In a nutshell, this gray-haired, middle-aged, left-brained organizer is now working for a group of young, right-brained creative … [Read more...]

The Glove Problem

I don't have a lot of photos for this post.  And here's why.  Those crazy animals in my backyard barnyard are too smart for their own good. Over this time of deep freeze, I've been trying to be extra nice to them.  Like humans, sometimes the shortest way to a goat's—or a pig's or alpaca's or chicken's— heart is through his/her stomach.  So I've filled my pockets full of animal crackers and … [Read more...]

The Deep Freeze

The gear is the same, over and over again.  Wool socks, fleece-lined jeans, hoodie, cap, scarf, coat, insulated muck boots, gloves.  Two gallons of warm water.  And I head out to the barnyard. We have been in the middle of a deep freeze.  Single digit nights and 20's during the day. It's not horrible, just relentless.  And not pretty.  The snow, still deep in spots, is now crunchy with a crust … [Read more...]