Archives for December 2015

A Simple Happy Holiday

We've been busy around here, like everyone else, but not over-the-top-busy.  We're going minimal on the decorations this year, and I gotta tell you it feels good.  Big tree, greenery, stockings, holiday knick knacks—nope.  All those boxes are still in the garage.  The wreath, window lights and a Charlie Brown tree are the only things that made the cut. Very Excellent Husband Don started … [Read more...]

Just Another Day In The Barnyard

Sometimes, not much goes on around here. As usual, I've been taking my camera out into the barnyard to capture a story, but one didn't really materialize last week.  I'd go out, the animals would clamor for treats, then wander off and do their own thing again.  Frankly, kinda boring. But me?  I love it. Here's what got to see in one uneventful afternoon... Tia likes to be up close and … [Read more...]

Feeding Time Frenzy…And A Good Friend

It has been an icy cold, gray week here.  Ugh.  It snowed over Thanksgiving (we had a great time with family and friends, hope you did too!) and it has barely been above freezing in days.  I've been hauling warm water out to thaw the water buckets multiple times a day. Even though one of the buckets is heated, it still freezes over during single digit nights. Mostly, I love going out and … [Read more...]