A Beautiful Fall Day

As soon as I went outside to feed the animals, I knew it was going to be a special morning. The light was gorgeous.  The leaves were starting to fall in earnest from the big elm that shades the barnyard and the goats were already out and strolling around, licking up the leaves one by one.  Tia and Junie B. were snoozing in the shed, but hopped up and watched as I opened the coop doors.

Then I heard the cows.  I saw The Farmer drive past with three big cattle trailers last week. One was full of cows, and I assumed he was picking up more from the field behind our house. But I guess he dropped some off because the herd had almost doubled and the newcomers were moo-ing all up and down the field.  “Where are we?  Which way should we go?” was answered by “Over here!”

Hello, beauties.

Hello, beauties.

They moved down toward us, and a few new ones stuck their noses close to the fence, curious about the weird short cow (Doink) and the ones with the long necks (Tia and Junie B.)

I love the curiosity of the cows.

Helloooo, nice to meet you!

It was cold enough enough to need a jacket, but not so cold that I wanted to hurry through chores and get back in the house to warm up.  That time is coming soon, I know.  So I really appreciated the time to linger and watch all the animals greet the morning.

A little later I let Brandy, Jessie and Sambuca into the back yard.  I was hoping they would immediately start hoovering up the leaves on the grass.  As usual, they had minds of their own.  They mostly ignored the leaves and chomped on the bushes instead.

Jessie was a bit stunned to be on the other side of the fence in the beginning.

In the beginning, Jessie was a bit stunned to be on the other side of the fence.

Sambuca wiped out the spent zucchini plant.

Sambuca nibbled the spent zucchini plant.

Brandy sniffed the Russian sage before she dived in.

Brandy sniffed the Russian sage before she started munching.

It's a huge yard, goats. You really don't need to share the same plant!

It’s a huge yard, goats. You really don’t need to fight over the same plant!

Everyone was enjoying the beautiful fall day.  Most of the chickens are still going though some stage of molting.  They scratch and peck less, rest more.  They love sitting in the shade by the fence, quietly and patiently waiting for their feathers to grow back.

Jasmine's new feathers seem to be taking the longest time to grow back.

Jasmine is always the first to lose feathers and the last to return to normal.


Maude is having a hard time, too.  They peck off those white sheaths to expose the new feathers.  It often looks like they have a bad case of dandruff!

Scarlett lost a ton of feathers, but they grew back fast.

Scarlett lost a ton of feathers, but they grew back fast.

Molly Brown is already looking for her glamour shot.

Molly Brown is already done and looking for her glamour shot.

Teenager Pepper looks like she hasn't lost a single feather.

Teenager Pepper will molt for the first time next year.

We’ve got snow and freezing temps in the forecast for later this week. I will take care of everyone in the cold morning, for the first time this season break the ice in the water bowls and rush head back inside to warm up. And I will remember this day fondly, this gift of beautiful fall morning.

Doink spends time each day adding to his nest...he knows that winter is coming!

Doink spends time each day making his nest a little bigger…he knows winter is coming, too!

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  1. Beautiful. Thank you, Joan!

  2. I so enjoy your blog, Joan!
    Let me be the first you call if more leaves – or dead plant leaves-are desired!

  3. Sounds like a lovely fall day. Your girls are just beautiful.
    daisy recently posted…Halloween Greetings From the Web(s)!

  4. I absolutely love this time of year, when the heat is done with, the colours are stunning and the days are cool and crisp. Our winter in Italy doesn’t start until mid to late December so I’m not envious of your weather forecast though, Joan. Love that Doink – how can one pig be so utterly lovely – and intelligent, too! 🙂
    Cath recently posted…Oct 27, Freezing eggs: how to preserve them when you’ve got too many.