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Where Oh Where Have My Pretty Eggs Gone?

What's up with these hens?  I've collected at least one egg every day for the past four years. Now...nothing.  Not one single egg in the past three, almost four weeks.  I talk to the ladies, whisper sweet nothings into their ears.  I implore.  I cajole.  I beg. No eggs. Not. One. This is not totally uncommon.  Hens don't lay much when they are molting their feathers. The girls … [Read more...]

Last Tomato, First Snow

On Tuesday, I sat down on the patio in the blinding sunshine, all by myself, and ate the last homegrown tomato of the year.  I ate it on a big slab of toasted ciabatta bread from Moxie, a new bread place down the road that has THE BEST BREAD EVER.  It was slathered in olive oil and dusted with salt and pepper. It was unfortunately just a good, not a great, tomato.  I think I should have eaten … [Read more...]

Pickles and Pepper

Well, while winter has definitely arrived in the barnyard—we've had a couple of nights drop into the teens—we had a glorious weekend.  I cleaned out the garden beds and threw the tomato plants with the last of the fruit over the fence to the animals.  Yum yum! I continue to clean feathers out of the coops on a daily basis.  It's mind numbing how many feathers chickens can lose.  The molt has … [Read more...]

A Beautiful Fall Day

As soon as I went outside to feed the animals, I knew it was going to be a special morning. The light was gorgeous.  The leaves were starting to fall in earnest from the big elm that shades the barnyard and the goats were already out and strolling around, licking up the leaves one by one.  Tia and Junie B. were snoozing in the shed, but hopped up and watched as I opened the coop doors. Then I … [Read more...]