Archives for October 2015

The New and Improved Goat Shed

Well, it took a while but it's finally (mostly) complete.  With an El Niño winter forecast—colder and wetter than normal—I wanted the goat shed to be more comfortable for humans (well, me) and beasts. Some improvements were just for the alpacas.  I moved the dividing wall on the upper part so the animals would have more room.  I made the back door to the south bigger and also enlarged the … [Read more...]

The Look-Alikes

We recently had a big end-of-summer party and I was showing the animals to some new friends who had never met them.  I got the question, "How in the world do you tell all the chickens apart?  Some of them look exactly alike. Practically half of them are all black!" Well, I DO have five all black hens.  I had never thought about that before, really.  They don't look that much alike to me.  But I … [Read more...]

Working and Watching

No getting around it anymore.  Fall is definitely here.  It was drab and raining on and off for a few days.  I know we need the moisture but it certainly affects my personality.  I wanted to curl up and hibernate. But then the sun came out to take the chill from the air and I made a beeline to the barnyard to do those winterizing chores I've been putting off all summer. I've been working in the … [Read more...]

Vet Visit Victory

Well, Doink's yearly vet visit is now history.  (Might not be an actual victory, but success doesn't start with a "V" :-) )  While I feel like we're both still recovering a little, it went well. The vet I loved so much from last year graduated and moved away, and I missed her. The new vet and his assistant were both friendly and were great about explaining everything they were doing. The … [Read more...]