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The Coyote Patrol

I was outside around 11am doing some work when I heard Keela's alert bark and saw her as a blur headed towards the back fence.  There was a coyote, not 20 feet away.  It was a little east of our property, right behind Excellent Next Door Neighbor Joy's house. I note this because she has a nice 4' fence back there, and the same fence separates her yard from the barnyard.  Our back fence is … [Read more...]

All Alpacas, All The Time

Well, I just can't get enough of the new ladies.  Here's some scenes from the past week. Tia (the white one) is definitely the most outgoing.  Junie is very willing to let her make the first overtures. Junie is more laid back.  I sense she is the funny one. I think it is going to be harder to win Tia's affections. Like all alpacas, they are super alert all … [Read more...]

What’s In The Trailer?

Well, as usual, it's been just plain nuts around here.  Yesterday I was looking out the kitchen sink window and scarfing down a perfect peach (there is nothing better than a Colorado Palisade peach—sorry Georgia!) when I saw a hawk swoop down and GRAB LUCY.  It took me a split second to get out the door into the backyard, just in time to see Lucy fall out of his talons and scramble for the bushes. … [Read more...]

Best. Mushrooms. Ever.

Greetings from there's-not-enough-hours-in-the-day land.  I've been trying to insulate the shed this week.  I want to use all recycled materials, which takes a lot more time.  My daily trips to ReSource to see if they've got anything new are enjoyable but only sometimes fruitful.  I got a lot of fiberglass insulation from a neighbor for the walls—score! It all needs to be trimmed down and I am NOT … [Read more...]

Crisis Is Over, Pig Is Better

First off, an apology.  I have been crazy busy, and if you don't follow my Facebook page you wouldn't know Mr. Doinkers is ok. How rude of me. Doink got sick on Wednesday, just two days before a long-planned mini vacation set to start on Friday morning. Good grief.  On Wednesday, he was not moving.  At all.  Not even for watermelon two inches from his mouth. Plans were made, mostly in my … [Read more...]