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Doink Is Sick :-(

The day started out great.  I finished replacing the fence in the back of the barnyard, because Escape Artist Sammy The Goat got out twice in three days.  I think there's a goat rule that once a perimeter is breached, it will continue to be breached until drastic measures are taken. Doink and Brandy, always helpful, were back there with me making the job take twice as long as it should have. … [Read more...]

The Chicken Mama Is Now On Etsy

Internet friends, let me introduce you to my new venture...The Chicken Mama Etsy Store I've put this off way too long.  I have no idea why.  I think I'm afraid to fail.  Scared no one will like it.  Well, here goes! I love creating things.  Big things, like my hay shed.  But I also love spending time in the spare bedroom—let's call it my studio, shall we?—sewing and printing and stamping … [Read more...]

Stuff I Built This Summer

It's no secret that I like building stuff.  A lot.  I'm not very good at it, but I have a great time and nothing has fallen apart...yet. I started this summer knowing the VERY FIRST project I wanted to tackle was to insulate the goat shed.  But that's so boring.  "Look at the wall with insulation behind it!" usually doesn't get a lot of high fives.  It's like putting a new roof on a house. … [Read more...]

The Misadventures of Pickles

It has been quite the week here at Happy Mama Acre!  I must say I've spent the better part of it with a silly grin on my face watching the animals, especially the baby chicks and their mamas.  After watching them so much, I got a good idea of their personalities. Pickles and Pepper. The babies were introduced to the barnyard at exactly one week old.  I started opening the … [Read more...]