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It Takes A Village

Ah, it is finally, finally summer here—my very favorite time of year.  We have been graced with hot days and warm evenings.  The animals spend the mornings and evenings seeking out the cool breezes blowing through the barnyard. In the heat of the afternoons it's totally still and quiet—save the sound of a hen singing her egg song, often with Napoleon chiming in his approval.  The cows have … [Read more...]

The Surrogate Mama

Well, the saga continues with Mama Jasmine and Little One.  It has been so wonderful to be able to watch this pair as Little One grows up. I'm so, so lucky. Each evening since my post last week, I have found Jasmine in the red coop.  That first night she was up on the roost with the other ladies.  But in the following days she's been on the floor or on top of the nesting boxes, looking a bit … [Read more...]

No Ma’am. Not Yet. Not Today.

Last night was one of those times that tried my little animal-loving soul. It has only been a month since Little One hatched.  This past week, I've been watching her with some concern.  Jasmine stopped talking to her the way mama hens almost constantly chatter to their babies.  And stopped responding to her little bird cries sometime.  It was way too early for Jasmine let Little One fend for … [Read more...]

A New Path…And Maybe More Chicks?

When I say a new path, I'm not getting all philosophical on you. No, I literally mean A NEW PATH.  The grass in the barnyard was so tall the animals weren't walking through it.  I kid you not.  The goats would walk along the fence line, desperately trying to eat the tall grass on the other side of the fence, but not turn around and eat the same thing IN THEIR OWN SPACE.  Go figure.  They are … [Read more...]