Archives for June 2015

Just Out Of Reach

Ah, hello again.  I've been way too busy in a not fun kind of way.  There's not enough time to sit down and write, and precious few minutes in the barnyard with my camera to capture a story or two.  There's nothing wrong at all.  But the lack of time has me frustrated.  My personal goals—writing more, getting better with my photography, and especially really working on getting an Etsy store going, … [Read more...]

Welcome To the Family, Little Chick

Well, this has been the longest three weeks of my life.  Been waiting here, wanting to share...and now I can! We've got a new member of the family :-) Jasmine, best mama in the world, has a new baby. Every human chicken mama gets to decide for herself how she wants to get baby chicks into her family.  Mail order? Farm store? Incubator? For me, I'm leaving this important job to the … [Read more...]

I Spy A Skunk

Some days, I feel like I've dodged a bullet.  Yesterday, I was ready for a morning of barnyard chores, poised to exit the back door with Keela at my side. Then, I spied this. I was not amused.  I was, however, grateful we had not yet stepped out the door.  Keela is unable to resist chasing these critters and getting sprayed. This guy was in no hurry to leave.  I watched him cross the … [Read more...]

No Drama Lucy

If you could pick a chicken for your best friend, I think you would pick Lucy. I know I would. Why Lucy, you ask? Well, you know that someone in your life that ALWAYS have a problem, is ALWAYS in a crisis of some sort and needs your help, ALWAYS meddling into other people's business and creating an issue? Yeah. That's not Lucy. Every morning when I open the yellow coop, Lucy's little … [Read more...]