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The Rain Keeps Coming Down

We have had a very, very rainy May. Around here it's said we have an average of 300 sunny days every year, and I think we expect that, especially in the spring.  I can't remember a May this cloudy and wet. The water has no place to go.  The ground is so saturated the open space to the south has been draining directly into the barnyard. While Doink and the goats are mostly miserable, the … [Read more...]

So Much Happiness and Joy

Wow.  I've been away from the blog for the longest time since I started writing. I've missed all of you! I don't write anything ahead and I simply haven't had enough time to sit down in front of my computer. But what a monumental time we've had. So, let's get caught up, ok? We had a graduation, a birthday and the best party in the world to celebrate both.  Our Excellent Son Cameron graduated … [Read more...]