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Sometimes The Journey Sucks

When I wrote last week's post about Jasmine and Big Man, I had no, no, no idea that I would be writing this one. I killed Big Man and Little Man yesterday. I killed them because my neighbor who complains about everything complained about the roosters crowing. This, in a neighborhood that allows roosters and all other manner of farm animals.  She came over and threatened a lawsuit.  I do not … [Read more...]

Pure And Simple Sweetness

We're at DEFCON 3 in the barnyard. With the foxes and the hawks and lord knows what else hanging around, the neighborhood dogs are sounding their warning barks more and more frequently.  Keela's bark and posture are VERY specific when it comes to predators.  I call it her "Danger, Will Robinson!" look. I believe the other animals understand and are taking heed.  The chickens seem to be … [Read more...]

Hawk Stalks the Barnyard

Our neighborhood hawk came calling again.  I haven't seen him since he first visited in October and the protective skills of a certain young rooster became apparent. (If you read that post, I changed Middle Man's name to Big Man because of his excellent performance that day :-) ) From the house, I heard Big Man give a bloodcurdling scream and caught a glimpse of everyone running for cover. I … [Read more...]

Doink Tells A Chicken Joke

Ah, we are so, so grateful to see more sunny skies and warm temps around here!  We've still got snow on the ground, but our spirits continue to move upward. Out in the barnyard yesterday it felt like a happy hour of sorts.  The four-legged animals were shaking off their winter stoicism and warming up to each other's company again. Doink told a joke. It went right over Jessie's … [Read more...]

Spring Craziness

There's lots of different ways people know spring is in the air.  Around here, it's when Lucy leaves the warmth of the other chickens in the coop and returns to where she prefers to sleep—the goat shed. And that's exactly where I found her when I went to lock everyone up for the evening.  Spring is coming! Then today, I went out to open up the coops and EVERYONE came spilling out.  Usually, the … [Read more...]