Doink Is Not A Morning Pig

Oh, mornings.  They’re not easy.  I slog out of bed, have two espressos, a cup of hot tea and check my e-mail from the comfort of the couch.  Once the sun is up, I head out to feed the animals.  By this time I’ve been up for a while.  I’ve shaken the cobwebs out of my brain.

Mornings for Doink are another matter.  His stomach wakes up the second he hears the back door open.  His brain, however, takes a few minutes to get on board.  I get to watch this process—and some mornings are better than others.

Keela and I wrangle at the back door to see who gets to go out first.  I usually lose.  She nods a quick greeting to the goats as she makes a beeline down the fence to go do her business. Napoleon stops crowing, which he’s probably been doing incessantly since 6am, because he knows the coop door will open in a few seconds.

I hear Doink before I see him.  He’s excited about the prospect of breakfast—but he’s not a morning pig.  Getting up out of his warm bed is really, REALLY not his thing.  From inside the shed he yells my way with both his excited voice and his grumpy voice.

And then…he appears.  It is a sloooooow procession.

Yes, yes, I'm awake.

Yes, yes, I’m awake.

It's still cold!

It’s still cold!  I hate cold!

I'm coming! I'm coming!  What's the rush?

I’m coming! I’m coming! (He SO looks like a bear, right?)

Why do you insist on feeding us SO EARLY?

Why do you insist on waking me up SO EARLY?  Um, you did bring breakfast, didn’t you?

Just give me a minute, will ya?

Stop looking at me.  Just give me a minute, will ya?

There you go.  That’s a special morning with Mr. Doinkers.  It kept a smile on my face all day long.  Hope it brings a little sparkle to your day, too!

(Disclaimer:  Photos taken on a cloudy early morning with my phone.  Doink wants you to know they aren’t flattering and he’s much more handsome when the light is better 🙂 )

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  1. Definitely added a sparkle to my day – thanks to you and Doink!

  2. Love it!
    Lucy recently posted…Easy Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

  3. OMG! That is too cute, and I know how he feels most mornings, I’d rather sleep~~~
    Nancy @ Little Homestead in Boise recently posted…Home Office Makeover Part 2, New Italian Wheat-Free Food, Spring Plants/Snow Coming, Dave’s Cat Nook

  4. Aww, poor thing. I know it’s gotta be rough, but I’ll bet he’s less grumpy after breakfast!
    daisy recently posted…Learning to Sew

  5. Doink, you are a handsome boy! I hate crawling out of my warm bed too!!! Thank goodness no one is taking pictures of me!!
    Shirley Corwin recently posted…It’s Zero Degrees Outside, So It’s Meatball Soup.

  6. Doink is a very handsome pig no matter what time of day. But yes, he does look very like a bear in some poses. A bear with a sore head, maybe? Love Doink – thank you for brightening my day, you handsome pig, you. 🙂
    Cath recently posted…Feb 19, Incubation : what happens at day 1 of incubating chicken eggs?

  7. Oh my yes – I’m so with Doink – mornings are so hard. My brain doesn’t always turn on right away either. Doink most certainly does look like a bear and we understand the light not being just right. We send hugs to Doink. Thanks for the smile! y’all have a good day. Best, Kim
    kim recently posted…year of the goat

  8. Aw Doink man I can so relate. Mornings are rough especially when its cold and wet out. Love your barnyard Joan. What kind of pig is Doink and what would you guess he weighs? Seriously looking to rescue once we are in the house and the goat shed area is done.
    Jen recently posted…Wow…Where Did February Go?

    • He is a VERY big boy. He’s a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig. He is of average, normal adult size. (So my vet says.) We’re guessing he’s at around 175 pounds. Of pur-dee sweetness. 🙂 He’s great with the goats and the chickens! It was so cold today the chickens overtook his shed and he kindly laid down outside in the sun until dinnertime. Always a gentleman, Mr. Doinkers!

  9. Oh…he is super cute even with bad light! I love that he gets to sleep with a blankie 🙂 .
    We have really been wanting to get a pig this year. It’s been a long time…Tell Doink he’s inspired me a little more.
    Deborah recently posted…Preparing The Soil

  10. Fun post! 🙂
    Wholesome Joy recently posted…Fun Spiral Curls, Tutorial!

  11. I so enjoyed your piggie narrations. Hubs had to come find out what I was laughing about so much. Love your animals. Do you make cheese or soaps with goats milk? We’ve thought about maybe at least one goat out here. We have one black lab/border collie that loves the 5 chickens, he seems to think we got them for him. Even our old male cat doesn’t bother them. He’s more afraid of them. For now that’s all we have but who knows what might happen in future. We only have not quite a half acre but seems to work. We live out few miles west of Grand Junction, CO. After living on 20 acres in MT I am not a city girl anymore. After 21 yrs. in San Diego areas we moved to Mt and I still miss it. Did I mention we overlooked a lake from our property? And to think we gave that up to move to Ky for 5 yrs. on 1 1/2 acres out in country, gorgeous. Weather didn’t agree tho so moved here to CO. which is ok but it’s not Mt. Two of our kids live around. Enjoy all your critters. How much land to you have?
    Happy weekend

    • Welcome! No milking the goats around here, unfortunately. Brandy is the only girl and I don’t think I have the time to go the milking route 🙂 We live on one acre—wish we had more! Grand Junction is beautiful!

  12. I love that pig! What a character! Thank you for being part of the (mis)Adventures Monday Blog Hop!