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It’s Funny Photo Day

Around here, there's a very deep blanket of snow on the ground and more is forecast for the NEXT FIVE DAYS.  Of course, it is February in Colorado, so what should I expect? Actually, we usually get a big dump of snow followed by days of beautiful sunshine.  So I guess that's what I expect.  I'm trying not to be cranky, but I AM CRANKY and not very pleasant to be around. To lighten my mood, I … [Read more...]

Doink Is Not A Morning Pig

Oh, mornings.  They're not easy.  I slog out of bed, have two espressos, a cup of hot tea and check my e-mail from the comfort of the couch.  Once the sun is up, I head out to feed the animals.  By this time I've been up for a while.  I've shaken the cobwebs out of my brain. Mornings for Doink are another matter.  His stomach wakes up the second he hears the back door open.  His brain, however, … [Read more...]

Quiet Afternoons With Jasmine

There's nothing I like more than sitting in the barnyard and observing my animal family. After a while I completely forget they're animals.  They're each so different, so individual, so special. Jasmine has gotten my attention lately.  She's a three-year old Black Copper Maran, sister to Belle and Rapunzel.  With ebony feathers, brown eyes and vivid red combs, they are a handsome trio.  For a … [Read more...]

Napoleon’s Frostbite Story

Recently, the mood started changing around here.  The animals and I have less of that "we're hunkering down" look.  We've made it through the worst part of winter, and we're starting to think about spring.  The blogs I read are chock full of people going through seed catalogues. Some are already starting their seeds indoors. We're not quite that far along around here.  There's lots of snow in … [Read more...]