My Dog, My Friend

Last night, after an unexpected long afternoon/evening away from home, I opened the front door and heard a familiar sound—Keela dragging herself off the couch to come and greet me. Couple of seconds later she was at my feet, saying hello with her usual full-body stretch.

Very Excellent Husband Don wasn’t home yet.  It was late, the house was quiet.  I was tired. I was sad.  But I wasn’t alone, because my dog was right beside me.

Keela sniffed my legs to see where I had been (I would have gotten the evil eye if she smelled a strange dog) and then sat, waiting for me to bend down so she could give me a couple of kisses.  Of course she accepted scratches behind the ears and a good head rub, but mostly she wanted to give me a kiss.  She wanted to give.  To me.

There is something about a dog.  The unconditional love they offer.  The joy they find, over and over again, from a game of fetch or a good chew toy.  The baleful look when they’re scolded.   The uncanny ability to give you comfort exactly when you need it.

She's keeping my spot on the couch warm for me.

She’s keeping my spot on the couch warm for me.

Five years ago, she was in the very last pen in a very long line of pens at a puppy rescue on a lonely country road.  I remember all the other pens had two or three pups, but she was all by herself.  No way I could leave without her.

She stole my heart!

She stole my heart!

She is my constant companion.  When I’m in the barnyard, she’s frequently at the gate, waiting patiently for me to finish my chores.

Always alert.

Always alert.

Our yard is her kingdom, and she guards it well from her throne (bed) on the patio.  She runs to check out any hikers walking in the open space.  She gives me a few quick barks to let me know someone is around, but then dissolves into tail-wagging and friend-making.  She works every day keeping animal predators out and chickens in.  It’s a hard job.  She does it well.

All that fence watching can tire you out.

All that fence watching can tire you out.

She is not a perfect dog, but then I am not a perfect trainer.  She gets overly excited when friends arrive (people are here to see me!) and for the life of me I can’t get her to settle down until she feels like she’s greeted them appropriately, which sometimes/usually means jumping up.  We’re working on it.

A rare moment of attention from her designated "place".  (Someone is obviously holding a treat, yes?)

A rare moment of attention from her designated “place”. (Someone is obviously holding a treat, yes?)

She has an off-the-charts-strong prey drive.  She will sit stock-still, watching an exceptionally large gap in the fence slats where bunnies like to come and go.  She might not move for almost an hour, hoping any rabbit that strays into the yard will come just…a….little…closer.  While this is not a problem, me getting nearly pulled to the ground when she spies a rabbit while we’re out on a walk is a little sketchy.  (I’m pretty sure my leash-holding arm is longer than my other arm!)

Oh, if I only had that attention span!

Oooh, I want me one of those wascally wabbits.

So she’s not perfect, but who cares?  She’s my best friend.

What. A. Goof.

What. A. Goof.

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  1. I’m sorry to hear you were sad, Joan, and glad that Keela was there for you. She is a lovely pooch. It breaks my heart that there are so many dogs in rescues and so many people continuing to breed “designer dogs”. I’ve had older rescue dogs for nearly 30 years now – greyhounds for the last several, but all kinds of mutts before that. They have given me so much joy, so little trouble and I wouldn’t have swapped any of them for the world.
    Cath recently posted…Dec 6, How to get rid of rats from your chicken coop.

  2. Dogs are so amazing, trustful, loyal, forgiving and always ready to love. Sorry you had a rough afternoon, happy your sidekick sweetie was there to greet you. Hoping today’s a better one.
    Jen recently posted…Introducing Harley…

  3. Keela is so lucky to have you!
    Vickie recently posted…Lard and Olive Oil Soap

  4. I love this so much, me and my Guinness have a similar story (he’s even a brindle too). He had a rough couple weeks after he was first born the people kept him separated from his momma, in a tiny cage, full of worms and fleas! So I’ve spent the last four years making up or that and he has loved me through a whole lot of ups an downs! They’re the best.
    Nicole @Little Blog on the Homestead recently posted…Link & Mingle [12.11.14]

  5. Katie Homemaker says:

    What a beautiful friend you have there. The only dog I ever had died 16 yrs ago. I have been in a rental type situation ever since, and have this dog-shaped hole in my heart. We are very close to getting a house now, and adopting a dog is pretty much the first thing I’m going to do! Once you know that kind of friendship, you will always crave it. Keela looks like an awesome dog! (The last pic is my favorite!)

  6. I love that last photo, what a fabulous dog. Thanks so much for sharing at Simple Lives Thursday; hope to see you again this week.
    Angi @ SchneiderPeeps recently posted…The December Garden