Archives for December 2014

A Little Christmas Surprise

I usually write in the early hours of the morning, right after I've hauled myself out of bed.  I wrap myself in a thrift store quilt—my couch quilt—that could not possibly have more dog hair on it.  Tiny cup of espresso (the first of several) by my side, Keela whacking my computer to gain more room on my lap.  We don't have a fireplace, but by the miracle of technology I can stream a flickering, … [Read more...]

Introducing Chicken Mama Art

Where does the time go?  Not in a deep, oh-I'm-getting-older sense.  Just the time to get all the regular stuff done!  I'm constantly amazed at the end of the day by the number of things I needed to accomplish just to keep going in the right direction.  I'm sure I'm not alone...yes? Please tell me I'm not alone! But, the holiday decorations are up, the house is relatively clean, the bills are … [Read more...]

Chicken Matriarchs

Some of my feathered ladies are showing their age. Barnyard relationships and temperaments shift and change, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the transformation of my six oldest hens.  They started out as mean girls, but have mellowed into matriarchs. They are no longer pacing the floor of the coop when I open the door in the mornings. They're still on the roost, seem a bit … [Read more...]

My Dog, My Friend

Last night, after an unexpected long afternoon/evening away from home, I opened the front door and heard a familiar sound—Keela dragging herself off the couch to come and greet me. Couple of seconds later she was at my feet, saying hello with her usual full-body stretch. Very Excellent Husband Don wasn't home yet.  It was late, the house was quiet.  I was tired. I was sad.  But I wasn't alone, … [Read more...]