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We Give Thanks

It's a small celebration at Happy Mama Acre this year, and we're not complaining.  Close family and our best friends, plus a few friends planning to drop by for a cocktail...or two. With less hustle and bustle to the day, it give us a bit more time to be grateful and reflect on the wonderfulness of barnyard life. We are grateful for good times.   We are grateful for good … [Read more...]

Chaos in the Cold

Sometimes life is a graceful narrative moving to the beat of a favorite song.  Sometimes, however, life moves to a staccato rhythm straight from a middle school garage band. Right now, I've got a thirteen year-old drummer banging a wild beat in my head. Adult onset ADD?  Too much coffee?  Who knows.  In my defense, it's been a crazy, crazy week... We drove down to Durango to help … [Read more...]

Roosters Fail, Hens Are Happy

More rooster escapades in the barnyard!  Napoleon and Big Man are beyond hilarious at this point.  The winner?  Well, it's neither of those crazy boys. It's the ladies.  The ladies are DEFINITELY the winners :-) Here's what happens.  Napoleon starts looking sideways at one of the ladies.  He starts doing his, "Look at me!  Look at ME!" dance and shouting out a throaty call.  The lady, … [Read more...]

The Leaves Are Here! The Leaves Are Here!

We had one of those perfect fall days last week.  Not too warm, but the glorious sunshine made everything glow.  I pulled up the last of the tomato plants—a freeze earlier in the week did them in.  Then I putzed around and made a list of the things I haven't done to finish winterizing the sheds, coops and barnyard.  It was a long list, but doable. I think fall is the animals' favorite time of … [Read more...]