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When A Man Loves A Woman

SO much going on in the barnyard right now.  I wish I had the time to photograph and write about all of it!  Here's a sampling of the past couple of days... To begin, there was ice in the water bowls the chickens couldn't peck through at feeding time yesterday.  For better or worse, I guess that means winter is sneaking up on us. On a happier note, we've got NEW EGGS!  One of the three olive … [Read more...]

Death. I’m Still Learning.

I'm just gonna launch into this one.... My oldest hens are three and a half years old.  Those ten sweet little chicks who arrived in the mail in May of 2011 started me on this entire journey.  Making the decision to get those original chickens changed my life.  I am happier because of them. I smile more.  I have become more curious.  I seek answers to questions - albeit weird, specific … [Read more...]

Curious Cows

Not all of the visitors to the barnyard are unwelcome, like the red-tailed hawk.  Yesterday when I finished the morning feeding/cleaning routine I discovered the back fence was lined with curious cows. It didn't take long before all the goats were back there. You might have noticed a certain someone in the crowd... There is something about a cow.  Don't know why. … [Read more...]

Unwelcome Visitor

I heard a ruckus out in the barnyard recently.  At exactly the same time Keela started barking like crazy in the house.  We went out to see what the fuss was all about.  The goats and Doink were munching on grass and acted like nothing was happening. But Middle Man, (one of the new babies who turned into a very vocal rooster) was running back and forth between the sheds like, well, a chicken … [Read more...]

Renegade Chickens

I always sigh when I see a photo somewhere on the Internet of a picture-perfect chicken coop inhabited by well-behaved chickens.  Those chickens are usually right in front of the coop, pecking gently in the beautiful green grass.  Then there's a photo of the inside of the coop  - and it looks cleaner than the inside of my house.  The color-coordinated flowers overflowing the window boxes on the … [Read more...]