Life Goes On. Feathers Are Flying.

And we soldier on.  Since Pumpkin died on Monday, I have been discombobulated, to say the least.  I am looking for the good in life and of course I find it because good is everywhere. But there is a little hole in my heart in the shape of a small white goat.

The barnyard is definitely…different.  Sambuca is especially confused.  He wanders around, looking behind the lean-to, sticking his head into the chicken coop…he’s looking for his buddy.  He continues to stand by himself in the morning, waiting solo for breakfast.  Breaks my heart.   I give him extra hugs, extra treats.  And I worry.  The first sign of the disease that killed Pumpkin is difficulty peeing. So I stare at Sambuca, waiting for him to pee.  I never imagined I would be so interested in making sure a goat pees long and hard.  Is this healthy?  (For me, I mean.  For the goat, of course it’s healthy.)

One thing I can’t miss when I go in the barnyard is it’s that chicken molting time of year. We’ve got feathers EVERYWHERE.  I rake morning and afternoon, but they keep coming. I’ve never understood why they molt in the fall.  It’s been cold already.  Why do they lose their feathers when it gets cold?  Why not in the summer?

Anyway, Scarlett, Sarah, Maude and Cindy Lou are getting the worst of it this year.

She may be nearly naked, but she can still fly over the fence every day!

Scarlett may be nearly naked, but she can still fly over the fence every day!

Oh, Maude.  Ouch.

Oh, Maude. Ouch.

Cindy Lou doesn't look as bad as the others, but everywhere she walks there's a puddle of white feathers.  Oh, and then there's that mustache...

Cindy Lou doesn’t look as bad as the others, but everywhere she walks there’s a puddle of white feathers. And then there’s that mustache…

I think Sarah wins the worst molt award, don't you?

I think Sarah wins the worst molt award, don’t you?

With the molt comes a plummeting egg count.  If I get three a day now, I’m lucky.  Hard on them, hard on me!

Even though I’m sad, here’s always something to make me smile in the barnyard.  Doink is usually in the middle of it, and yesterday was no different.  The chickens spill a lot of the food out of the chicken feeder in the new shed and some of it gets scratched out the pop door.  Doink takes advantage of the tasty tidbits, creating a bit of a traffic jam in the process.

Hey Wide Load, Move it, will ya!

Hey Wide Load, Move it, will ya!

As summer turns to fall, here at Happy Mama Acre we are healing a little, working a little, smiling a little.  And constantly, always, looking for the good in life.  Have a great weekend!

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  1. Sarah looks like a turkey.

  2. I know the feel of lose with any animal. Especially one so special. Like they say. Life goes on and thank goodness for that.

  3. Stopped by yesterday to check on you. I would be happy to sit in a chair and watch for goats to pee.

    • Now that’s a good friend – one that will sit in the back and wait for a goat to pee. (Margaritas are the reward, of course :-)) I’m available all weekend – just give me a call. Thanks, Amy.

  4. I want to come sit and sip margaritas while waiting for goats to pee too! If I were closer I would… Instead I’m sending light and love for healing your way. Have a great weekend Joan and enjoy all the goodness in your barnyard 🙂
    Jen recently posted…They Call It Progress..

  5. It is always hard when we loose one of our own. Your animals become a part of you…you watch them grow and provide so it is always hard to see them die. I hope your day looks brighter and you find new things to smile about on your farm today!

  6. Yes, I have the moulting thing going on as well – not me personally but definitely my hens. There were so many feathers this morning that I thought a fox had somehow got past my Maremma. Should have known better. and it’s not even cold here in Italy yet – still in the 30s(C). Have been thinking about you and Pumpkin. Hope you’re being kind to yourself.
    Cath recently posted…Jul 7, Mocha, the hen who loved to cluck.

  7. So sorry to hear about the loss of your goat. Our pets always take a portion of our hearts with them. But good luck raking feathers and all the other fall chores. Enjoy your family.
    Terry recently posted…I Won

  8. My Topaz ( bantam gold laced wyndotte) looked exactly the same as your Maude. I am assuming Maude is a gold laced wyndotte because she is so similar. The moult was the same pattern down to the bare neck and grey under feathers showing. Her pin feathers in her neck came in and gradually unfurled into tiny laced feathers and now she looks just about back to normal.

    They do look so untidy for a while but they will soon look perfect again. I am getting one or two eggs a day from eight bantams.

    Time is a healer and Doink is great for putting a smile back on anyone’s face. You just can’t help but love a Doink. Hope you feel better soon and sponge up the joy of your barnyard and a few margaritas.
    Carol Caldwell recently posted…What next! Problem 137 (My husband’s saying)

  9. I am in love with your chickens, so sorry about the loss of your pet! My favorite Kitty passed a month ago and still having a hard time. Blogging helps, Love if you share this on Fabulous Friday Party Hugs Maria
    Simple Nature Decor recently posted…FABULOUS FRIDAY PARTY:FALL FEATURES

  10. I was in key west this past weekend and There were lots of Roosters everywhere, it was so cool
    Simple Nature Decor recently posted…OCTOBER FABULOUS GIVEAWAY!