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The BEST Thing Happened

I'm giddy.  I'm walking on air.  I'm bubbling over with joy. I had superheroes arrive in the barnyard yesterday in the form of three veterinarians.  Three wonderful, highly skilled, engaging, informative vets.  Two hours after they arrived, Doink had a beautiful pedicure, clean ears, and no tusks.  All done with ease, lack of fuss, and virtually no stress - for me or Doink.  HOW AWESOME IS … [Read more...]

Life Goes On. Feathers Are Flying.

And we soldier on.  Since Pumpkin died on Monday, I have been discombobulated, to say the least.  I am looking for the good in life and of course I find it because good is everywhere. But there is a little hole in my heart in the shape of a small white goat. The barnyard is definitely...different.  Sambuca is especially confused.  He wanders around, looking behind the lean-to, sticking his head … [Read more...]

One Word. Heartbroken.

Sometimes it really feels like the universe is playing pile on.  Now is one of those times for me.  For a month we have had one sucky thing after another happen. Big life-changing ones and little nagging ones.  Before yesterday, they were exhausting and a little scary.  Today, I'm really knocked off my foundation. I am beyond sad to say that my sweet little goat Pumpkin is no longer with … [Read more...]

Things I Saw While Walking Around

Autumn keeps on coming in these here parts.  Tonight the forecast is for a low of 34°, with a slight chance of SNOW.  Ugh. Very Excellent Daughter Libby is coming home for a short visit and we're going to do some winter-proofing in the barnyard. The Farmer's Almanac is predicting bitter cold in our area this year, so I better be ready.  Double ugh. Anyhow, for now, my days are filled with … [Read more...]

Doink The Pig Requests A Meeting

I walked out to the barnyard a couple of days ago.  Doink was waiting for me at the gate. "Hey Lady!  Um, could we talk for a minute? Maybe somewhere so the others won't hear?" "Sure, dude.  Let's go over here.  What's up?"  He double-checked that we were out of earshot of the others, and then proceeded to start talking.  A lot. "So first off, I'd like to thank you for a few things.  I … [Read more...]

Hello? Chicks? Where Are You?

Last weekend I spent time getting the new chicken shed (I call it the shed so as not to confuse it with the old coop) all ready for the new generation of chickens.  I love the shed. It's just the right size and with five huge windows it's open and airy.  However, the more I look at it, I think it's oddly out of proportion.  It looks a little weird.  Therefore, it fits right in.  It's … [Read more...]