More Baby Chicks Grow Up

Well, hello!  I’ve been away for a while.  My beach vacation was fun – full of family and sun and fried food and beer and toes in the water and long walks.  I am a simple girl.  It made me happy and I came back refreshed.

Oh, but I came home to another chicken motherhood transition in full drama mode.  As you might recall, a couple of weeks ago Mama Rapunzel did the thing chicken mamas do and basically turned her tail to those sweet teenager chicks she had so lovingly nurtured for six weeks.

Now, it was Mama Jasmine’s turn.  Just like humans, chicken mamas don’t do their mothering the same way.  Rapunzel was a very confident mom.  Jasmine was a good mama, but sometimes seemed a bit confused about the whole mothering thing.  The way they said goodbye their chicks was different, too.

Late in the afternoon there was Jasmine, sitting in the exact same place she sat every day for weeks with those babies of hers happily snuggled next to her.

This time – no babies.

She looks so lonely.

She looks so lonely.

They were skittering around all over the barnyard exploring, coming dangerously close to the pecking wrath of Cindy Lou and getting in the way of some seriously playful goats.  Then three of them scooted under the gate into the backyard, acting for all the world like Amish teenagers during their Rumschpringe.  They were sowing some wild oats, as the saying goes.

They look like kids sneaking out of their bedroom window at night.

They look like kids sneaking out of their bedroom window at night.

Whoo hoo!  We're free!  We can do whatever we want to do!

Whoo hoo! We’re free! We can do whatever we want to do!

And there Mama Jasmine sat, all by herself.  She didn’t cluck, she just waited.  But her teenagers were doing what teenagers do – thinking they know everything and tempting fate.

She waited patiently, but they never came.

I think I'll go ahead and guess he's gonna be a rooster.

This one hung around the back fence.  I think I’ll go ahead and guess he’s gonna be a rooster.

Just wandering around...

Just wanderin’ around…

The pretty little girl banty.

The pretty little girl banty.

As night approached, she went into the coop, hopped up on the roost and got comfortable. Unlike Rapunzel, she gave no backward look, and made no effort to see if everything was ok with her chicks.  The chicks were outside the coop – I don’t think she had actually ever taken them inside.  They were now in full panic mode and squawking loud enough to wake the dead.  She didn’t budge.  After a while they gave up, wandered around a bit and then went back to their nesting box where they huddled pathetically in the corner.

Now there's some uncomfortable looking birds.

Now there’s some uncomfortable looking birds.

She gave them a chance to come sit with her one more time.  But they said “Oh no, we are so grown up!  We are big chickens now!”

Then, when darkness fell, they actually weren’t.  A story as old as time.

She gave them tough love, chicken-style.  She said, “Hey, you made your bed, now lie in it. I was a chicken mama.  Now, I’m done.”

That’s not exactly my parenting style, but well played, Jasmine.  Well played.

Sweeter times, just two weeks ago.

Sweeter times, just two weeks ago.

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  1. Nature is so amazing! My first mama a couple days ago began taking her out into the big coop with all my hens. She is protective and a good mama, it’s interesting too see the transformations. Happy you had a great time, happy to have you back… Have a great week!
    Jen recently posted…Fresh Starts…

  2. So cute – they grow up so fast. I kind of like this teenage gangly phase when they’re finding their feet. Glad you had a good break – it’s always good to take a rest. and good to get back home. 🙂
    Cath recently posted…Jul 7, Mocha, the hen who loved to cluck.

  3. This was fun! I really liked reading it and your pictures too:)
    Cynthia recently posted…Colonial Williamsburg Garden Inspiration