Archives for August 2014

There’s A Chill In The Air

Oh, fall is approaching.  You can feel it too, can't you?  The days are noticeably shorter.  My hoodie is required for morning feeding now. Today, after a rainstorm yesterday, the morning temperature was in the 40s.  Oh my. It has been the mildest of summers here, so I'm not ready for it to be over yet.  There were not enough warm evenings spent watching chicken TV.  I didn't get to sneak a … [Read more...]

More Baby Chicks Grow Up

Well, hello!  I've been away for a while.  My beach vacation was fun - full of family and sun and fried food and beer and toes in the water and long walks.  I am a simple girl.  It made me happy and I came back refreshed. Oh, but I came home to another chicken motherhood transition in full drama mode.  As you might recall, a couple of weeks ago Mama Rapunzel did the thing chicken mamas do and … [Read more...]

The Chicken Mama On Vacation

I'm gonna be out for a week.  I'm on the beach.  Recharging my batteries. Regardless of the fun, I still miss the barnyard animals.  So we created Doink out of sand.  Thank you Beth and Libby.  They got his head just right, don't ya think? See ya next week! … [Read more...]

The Barnyard Poop Patrol

There are three things I do every day in the barnyard.  Feed my animals, love my animals, and pick up my animals' poop. Some days I build things.  Some days I repair things that are broken.  Some days I scrub stuff that is dirty. But mostly, it's the first three. Food, love, poop. Feeding is oh so rewarding.  "Oh LADY!  You're here again!  With FOOD!  Thank you thank you thank you". … [Read more...]