Archives for June 2014

Lonesome Lucy

Poor Lucy.  Since her gal pal Ethel got killed by the raccoon, she's been out of sorts.  Yes, from time to time Scarlett will fly over the fence into the yard with her, but Scarlett is not the adventurous type. So now Lucy makes her own way in the world, usually alone. She scratches the mulch out of the flowerbeds daily.  The messiness drives Very Excellent Husband Don nuts, so I try and … [Read more...]

Chicks, Welcome To The Barnyard!

Oh, I love having babies around.   (Baby chickens, of course.) Mama Rapunzel and the chicks spent a week in the "nursery" in the shed.  I worried about letting them out in the barnyard.  They're still so tiny.   Should I err on the side of safety? Or should I open the door and trust the real chicken mama to know what's right? Heck, like I know anything.  I decided to let her be the … [Read more...]

My Spoiled Goats

So you know about how conventional wisdom says goats eat anything and everything? Yeah, not mine. After having goats for a few years, I've learned they are browsers (like to eat trees and shrubs) not grazers (don't really love the grass) and mine are picky.  Brandy is especially particular, and won't eat any treat if it's hit the ground.  She doesn't even have a five second rule. Recently … [Read more...]

One Big Happy Family

It has been a crazy few days.  Crazy, I say!  The barnyard has been in full tilt change since last Thursday when I received my three cute Olive Egger chicks via mail and then Ms. Rapunzel hatched one chick out of four eggs.  (One died and the other two never hatched.) In the midst of all of this, I spent three days wonderful days with Excellent Son Sawyer in Durango.  I cannot say enough … [Read more...]