It Was A Party Weekend!

Tulips graced the tables.

Tulips graced the tables.

We had a wonderful dinner party for family and friends on Sunday.  It was our first party of the year and as such it required much work, both inside and out, to pull off.  Very Excellent Husband Don and I worked our butts off for three days and the dishes still aren’t all put away, but the fun totally outweighed the work involved.

Starting on Friday we moved furniture around, got the carpets cleaned, set up tables, borrowed chairs, made about ten trips to the grocery store (it always takes about ten trip)…you get the idea.

I like a big spring party because it requires me to finish long overdue tasks around the yard or be horribly embarrassed.   So, I FINALLY put a countertop on that funky barnwood cabinet I got last year.

I think it turned out pretty nice.  It made a great bar!

I think it turned out pretty nice. It made a great bar!

Of course, there was MUCH weeding and trimming to be done in every single garden bed.  It sure was nice to see the little violas that reseed themselves every year popping up again. Made all that weeding almost (but not quite) enjoyable.

Now I know spring is here!

Now I know spring is here!

Once the guests arrived, the barnyard was a popular spot.  Chickens were petted, goats became playmates and Doink was admired by all.

The Littles were right in the action, but as we headed in for dinner they

The Littles were charming.  They had to take a rest in their favorite spot – all that playing wore them out.

And hallelujah, remember that roof I bought?  Last September?  Well, during the party five very strong men picked it up and placed it on top of a base Don recently built for it.  I think it’s going to make great shade for all the animals this summer!

Now, we're waiting for someone to sit under it!

Now, we’re waiting for someone to sit under it!

The evening ended with a pleasant game of Jenga, my new favorite.  Don looks quite satisfied with the 28 level tower!

How is that thing still standing?

How is that thing still standing?

This was a great way to finish the week.  It needed to end great, because it started with me getting downsized/laid off from my job at the thrift store that supports our local hospice. There was more than a little weirdness in my last couple of work days that was, now that I reflect on it, a bit off-putting.  I loved that job and frankly, I was damn good at it.

So, now what?  I need to start thinking about my next move.  Maybe I’ll head out to the barnyard and talk to Doink about it.  He’s a smart pig.  I bet he’ll have some good advice!

Hey Lady!  You wanna talk?  Sit right down here with me.  We'll figure this out together!

Hey Lady! You wanna talk? Sit right down here with me. We’ll figure this out together!

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  1. I wanna come party at your place, the outdoor cabinet aka bar looks fantastic! Love your style and YAY for getting the roof up for your babies. Another great idea Joan, love it. Sorry about your job I know how that goes and it’s rough but “everything for a reason” they say. I’m sure you and Doink will figure something out and for the Jenga thing.. How the???
    Jen recently posted…More From Joshua Tree NP

  2. I’ll bet the ideal job is just waiting for you!
    Glad you had such a good time at your party. Getting those projects finished feels so good.
    Thanks for joining your outdoor post on The Maple Hill Hop!
    daisy recently posted…The Maple Hill Hop 27

  3. Great shade structure! Hey, how is Sophia doing?

    • She has her good and bad days. The vet said when she really resisted tube feeding I should stop. She REALLY resisted so I did, but I think it was too early. She hates being separated from the flock, too.

      • Oh, I’m sorry to hear that she’s not back to normal yet. Did you ever get a diagnosis?

  4. That funky barnwood cabinet is pretty nice! Thanks for sharing at the HomeAcre Hop.