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Doink And The Epic Fail

I know you've had a day when things weren't going right.  We've all been there.   Well, today was special in a WHAT MORE COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG kinda way. I had one goal for the day.  Finish painting the new shed.  I've not shared the building of this shed with you, because I wanted it to be all spiffy and cute before I showed it to ya.  A little Chicken Mama surprise. Painting around … [Read more...]

It Was A Party Weekend!

We had a wonderful dinner party for family and friends on Sunday.  It was our first party of the year and as such it required much work, both inside and out, to pull off.  Very Excellent Husband Don and I worked our butts off for three days and the dishes still aren't all put away, but the fun totally outweighed the work involved. Starting on Friday we moved furniture around, got the carpets … [Read more...]

Never A Dull Moment

After morning feeding earlier this week I was strolling around in the barnyard, enjoying the sun and doing my usual chicken head count. Something wasn't right.  I was one chicken short and immediately had a deep-in-my-gut kind of panic. I'm frequently surprised at the depth of my emotional connection my animals, animals that most people eat regularly without thinking twice.  I don't have … [Read more...]

What’s That In The Barnyard?

There's something in the barnyard that wasn't there before. Rapunzel was a little shocked. Brandy tried to hide. Doink, well, Doink wasn't paying much attention. Is the anticipation just KILLING YOU? Well then, meet the Littles! We needed a little joy in the barnyard to lift our spirits, and these two guys were just the ticket! I've actually been … [Read more...]

The Nightmare Continues

As you know, a raccoon took my sweet Ethel in the dawn recently.  I say raccoon, because the manner of death and remains indicated a textbook raccoon killing.  I didn't see it, but Keela sounded her ALERT bark around 6:30am.  I assumed it was rabbits and didn't investigate.  Lesson learned, lesson learned. I know raccoons are around.  Keela treed one in the late fall.  Lordy, what a racket they … [Read more...]

Last Snow? Please?

We got a big 7" dump of heavy, wet snow earlier this week.  If there's one good thing about spring, at least the snow doesn't hang around for long.  I believe this was the last snow of the season. As usual, every year when I say it's the last snow in early April, Very Excellent Husband Don tells me no way.  I'm happier with my own self-delusions, however, so the last snow it is! I shoveled … [Read more...]

Pig Problem Solved

What a week. First, I'd like to thank everyone for your kind comments and support regarding the taking of Ethel.  I will write more about that soon, but yesterday, as I picked up feather after feather that had blown into the yard...I thought about all the love and friendship this blog has brought to my life.  Thank you. In the barnyard, life goes on.  Doink, who was in the midst of a crisis … [Read more...]