Let Spring Begin!

Doink and I had a little chat today.  However, when I first arrived in the barnyard he was napping.

Brandy was ready to say hello.

At least Brandy was ready to say hello.

He woke up and said, “Hey Lady, now that it’s daylight savings time and all, and we’ve had a few warm days and all, and you’ve been out here with us more and all…

And then he was down again.  He's really good at napping.

And then he was down again. He’s really good at napping.  Especially in the warm sun.

A bit later, he perked back up.  “As I was saying, can we just call it spring?  Because it kind of feels like spring today.”

Can we just call it spring?  Because it kind of feels like spring today.   I just love spr....

(Yet another Hermione photo bomb. The girl loves to be in the spotlight.)

I said, “Doink, it snowed yesterday.  It’s gonna snow again.  We’ve had a few nice days but that doesn’t mean it’s spring.  Sorry, dude.  Doink?  Doink?”

Dude.  Reallly?


At least the chickens were up and about.

Finally!  Happy hour in the sun!

Finally! Happy hour in the sun!

I thought about what Doink said.  Current temp?  65°.  However, yesterday was miserable.  And a few years ago we had almost three feet of snow at spring break.

I needed a sign.  And there it was.

Happy tail.  A perfect happy tail.

Happy tail. A perfectly happy, ready-for-spring piggy tail.

“OK, Doink.  I’m on it.”

Don flipped our barnyard viewing chairs over a while ago.  It seemed to be the perfect way to celebrate.

Barnyard viewing chairs in winter position. Ready, set…

YES!  Oh, yes!  Look, Doink, we're back!  The flip has been made!  HELLO SPRING!

YES! Oh, yes! The flip has been made! Let the viewing begin!

“Doink?  Doink?”

The pig is on a mission.  A napping mission.

Maybe he’ll celebrate tomorrow.

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  1. You’re makin’ us jealous up here! We got hammered again last night with another foot!
    Warm Regards
    City Boy recently posted…And The Chicken DREAMS of SPRING.

  2. Oh I LOVE Doink and your translations! Happy your days are warming, we have a super hot streak coming this weekend…90??!! Hoping some of that warm air makes it your way. Love the perfect lil curl in his tail.
    Jen recently posted…24

  3. Aww, Doink looks so happy and content lying in the sun! Such a cutie. I bet the 65 degree day was nice! We hit the low 70s earlier this week and it was amazing. Down to the 50s now, but it still feels warm!
    Tammy/Our Neck of the Woods recently posted…Back in the Garden

  4. I think he is celebrating now…in the best way…sleeping in the sun!
    ♬♬♬ Happy Saint Patrick’s Day ♬♬♬
    Linda recently posted…Another Good Day– March 13, 2014

  5. I’m with Doink… let’s just nap until Spring is REALLY here.
    Jordan recently posted…This post really takes the cake.

  6. He had the curly tail action going this morning when I visited him. He hung out by me. Once Brandy and Jessie figured out I didn’t have treats for them they went back into the shed for some head butting.

  7. Aw, what a cutie patootie! Doink’s impressive physique makes me feel better about Abe, aka Mr. Fats, our bigger Guinea Hog…I keep thinking he’s gaining too much weight and wondering if I’m overfeeding him…but I must remember, he’s a pig! Haha. Hoping now that the chairs are upright, there are only >60 degree days for you!
    Lila recently posted…{this moment}

  8. I love living the farm life vicariously through you!
    Lori recently posted…Work

  9. Stopping by from the “From the Farm” blog hop. Oh, I am in love with Doink! Nothing makes me happier than a happy piggie!
    Chrystal @ YUM eating recently posted…Oven Toasted Irish Cheese Toast

  10. I love this post. I love your pig. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I felt just like Doink last week as I wanted so much to curl up in the grass and let the warm sun of spring warm my bones. I really enjoyed looking at spring on your farm! I posted what spring looked like on ours last week. Maybe you might like it as much as I enjoyed yours. http://oursimplelife-sc.com/2014/03/10/window/

    Happy Spring!
    Tracy @ Our Simple Life recently posted…Pretty aprons for women and the memories they hold

  12. I am with Doink I want to call it spring too. Lately we will have a day that gets in the 50’s and the next day only 20. That seems to be our trend. Just teasing us, here is spring- nope not haha . It is driving me crazy!
    Teri recently posted…Some random events lately

  13. Ha! That’s a riot! Thanks for sharing your outdoor post on The Maple Hill Hop!
    daisy recently posted…The Maple Hill Hop 22

  14. Lol! Enjoy the new position of your chairs 😉 Thanks for sharing on The HomeAcre Hop! Hope you have time to share again today!
    lisa lynn recently posted…Homestead Cooking with Carol Giveaway & The HomeAcre Hop #62