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Heartache in the Barnyard

It is with heavy heart, such a heavy heart, that I must share with you that Ethel was killed by a raccoon in the barnyard in the early hours of the morning today. Keela barked with great intensity at about 6:30am.  While that's not totally uncommon, it was definitely her "guarding" bark. I think I've written more about Lucy and Ethel than any of the other animals.  They were so … [Read more...]

I’ve Got A Pig Problem

Oh, what a day!  I am into my second gin and tonic and it may not be my last. As I mentioned in my previous post,  I have a paranoid pig on my hands.  Doink, for some unknown reason, has developed a crazy fear of going over the threshold between his shed and the ground.  Over the past few days, he would stand inside and SCREAM AND SCREAM, but when I produced a treat, he did this weird leap and … [Read more...]

More Fun For Goats!

Oh, lordy what a wild ride it has been this past couple of weeks. A sick chicken.  A dog with a bad cut on her paw. A strangely paranoid pig. Renewed interest in some sewing projects.  Couple of awesome finds at the thrift store.  Egg production WAY up.  Surprise visit from Excellent Son Sawyer.  Fun with friends so often we feel like college kids again.  Never a dull moment and not much sleep, … [Read more...]

The Project List

I took my first spring stroll around the barnyard this weekend to identify the most obvious projects to put on the unending (in a good way) list of repairs and improvements.  Actually, I TRIED to sit down and simply look around, but Jessie was having none of that. First on the list, there's the Christmas lights.  I like 'em, so they're staying year round. Then there's the matter of … [Read more...]

Let Spring Begin!

Doink and I had a little chat today.  However, when I first arrived in the barnyard he was napping. He woke up and said, "Hey Lady, now that it's daylight savings time and all, and we've had a few warm days and all, and you've been out here with us more and all..." A bit later, he perked back up.  "As I was saying, can we just call it spring?  Because it kind of feels like spring … [Read more...]

Whispering Sweet Nothings

I consider myself an optimist.  There's simply no reason, IMHO, to dwell on the negative. So today I tried to focus on my accomplishment of installing two new light fixtures in the garage successfully.  Old, non-functioning fixtures removed and in the car to take to the recycler, new fixtures in and working.   Yes - let there be light! I WON'T focus on the total failure of my new toy, a … [Read more...]

Something’s Different

Yep.  Something's different.  Everyone noticed. Well, almost everyone. I got tired of waiting for spring.  So I took action.  Wanna know what I did? Here's a hint. Here's another one. It took me two years to grow that hair.  And except for a couple of days when I experimented with a headband (fail) I wore it in a ponytail all day, every day.  I wanted it … [Read more...]

Chicken Kisses

I find chicken personalities endlessly fascinating. Sofia, my only adopted hen (neighbors were down to one girl after multiple predator raids and thought she needed a flock) is the queen of the outliers.  She is one odd bird.  No one picks on her, but on the other hand, she does not have a chicken BFF.  Doink is her best friend.  She still sleeps next to him, even though Louise continues to … [Read more...]