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Found Farm Treasures

I thought I'd give everyone a break from me whining about the weather and focus on another subject... Let's talk about farms.  Real farms. Oh, to live on a farm!  If I was residing in the merry old land of Oz, Very Excellent Husband Don and I would spend a year looking for just the right small (five acre) farm, find it, be able to afford it, buy it, add many more interesting animals to the … [Read more...]

Be Careful What You Wish For

Unlike those of you on the east coast, our snow here in the foothills of Colorado has melted.  Our three feet of white stuff is gone.   The barnyard is all dormant grass, and not even mucky anymore. Why?  Because we have WIND. We've had it on and off for five days.  It sounds like a freight train out there, with gusts of over 60mph, especially  in the night and early mornings.  During … [Read more...]

Breakfast Avocado Love

I haven't posted a recipe in a while.  I believe the honor system when sharing a recipe requires altering it dramatically enough to make it your own, and I'm not that creative of a cook.  I mostly follow recipes I find to a T.  So the dishes I cook are not "inspired by" nor "based on" nor "adapted from".  They're straight from Sunset Magazine or Cooks Illustrated or Food Network or my stash of … [Read more...]

Birthday Reflections

Yep.  It's true.  I've added another year to my belt.  I turned 53 last Saturday (a prime number birthday!) and it has been a crazy party week. The celebration I planned at my favorite restaurant doubled in size at the last minute.  I love my friends.  So what if the ten of us drained the restaurant of all their margaritas and dirty queso?  We made it up to the staff by sharing the best … [Read more...]

My DIY Hay Feeder

Well, the first project of the new year is installed.  I built a hay feeder for Brandy and Jessie.  Yippee! I had been using hay bags and they were a pain to take down, fill, and hang every day.  They were also falling apart.  Their only asset was I had hay in two places.  Brandy never shares nicely, but she can't be in two places at once - ha! I have a multi-level shed for the animals, with … [Read more...]

Good Grief! What Next?

On Saturday...there was chicken blood.  AGAIN!  One of Cleopatra's toenails somehow almost got torn off.   Ethel's comb accident somewhat prepared me for the blood that wouldn't stop gushing from the wound, but still, two injuries in two weeks?  No fair! I had just come back from walking Keela and still had my headphones on and was all bundled up due the the blowing wind.  One glance into the … [Read more...]

Enough Cold Weather Already!

I'm trying.  I really am.  But I'm completely exhausted attempting to put some kind, ANY kind of good spin on this dreadful winter weather we're continuing to experience.  Single digit days, sub-zero nights.  Snow, snow and more snow.  I despise being crabby.   But this weather has grabbed hold of all my good thoughts and thrown them out the window. Maybe because the animals … [Read more...]