One Year Already?

IMG_2364_2 Well, I missed it.  Yep.  It flew right past without so much as a one-handed clap.

This little blog turned a year old – eleven days ago.

As anyone who knows me well will tell you, I’m not a sentimental soul.  I’ve got practicality running through my veins.  But I love deep.  And hard.  And quiet.

I’ve had a blast with this little blog over the past year.  I’ve loved hanging out in the barnyard, seeing what stories Doink, Brandy, Jessie and all the chicken ladies have to tell.  I’ve loved writing and rewriting and walking away and coming back and trying to write again.  I feel like they entrust me to tell their stories well.  I hope I’ve lived up to their expectations!

I’ve met (albeit virtually) so many wonderful people – people who write about chickens, about goats, about families, about farms.  People I like.  People like me.  I am so grateful to have your beautiful photographs, your eloquent stories, your wonderful animals in MY life. The best thing about writing about me, is meeting and knowing YOU.

Thank you Aretha, Maude, Cindy Lou, Cleopatra, Sarah, Scarlett, Hermione, Thelma, Louise, Sofia, Rapunzel, Jasmine, Belle, Lucy, Ethel, Brandy, Jessie, the Doinkster and my best friend Keela.  You’re the best animal friends a girl could have.

And thank you to the Internet.  Because otherwise I’d just be writing on all this on sheets of paper I would fold in half and put in a drawer.  That would be weird, and somewhat creepy.

So here’s to the next 354 days.  One year minus eleven days.  I’ll try to remember the second anniversary.  On the day.  Really, I’ll try.

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  1. Yay congrats on one year Joan! I am so very happy you decided to go with the internet option versus the paper in the drawer thing. I’ve so enjoyed following along with you and your buddies. Here’s to another fabulous year of barnyard adventures.
    Jen recently posted…Wishing it was still Sunday

  2. I’ve had the special pleasure of watching you “up close and personal” fulfilling the duties of backyard farmer/rancher. Icy winter mornings with many layers of clothes chipping ice. Summer mornings with the sun rising early and strong. ALWAYS with the joy that comes from knowing your friends are just waiting for you a few steps from the house. Then back in for an espresso to get the day rolling. Pure love. Bring on Year Two!

  3. Love all your stories…glad it was not meant for the drawers. Thank you for sharing them with us too:) Looking forward to more! All the best for another year!
    Annie recently posted…Memories of The Great Big Oak

  4. Congratulations on ONE YEAR! I love your writing. Please don’t stop!

  5. Congrats Chicken Mama.
    I look forward to another year of enjoyable posts.
    You are doing a great job to bring a good laugh into our busy days!
    City Boy recently posted…How To Make Salami

  6. Happy Happy Anniversary for you and FOR US!!!

    Linda recently posted…Weeds January 22, 214

    • Thanks Linda! I am positive I’m going to find my way into your corner of the state sometime. Oh, and we’ve got some snow forecast for tonight. Any little bit helps!

  7. Congratulations on your one year anniversary! I love keeping up with you and all of your animals. Your posts are a welcome ray of sunshine!
    Keep up the great work!

  8. Congrats on your one year! 🙂 Looking forward to much more~!
    Lauren Ann recently posted…Why WE Homestead

  9. Congratulations. I so enjoy your blog. You have such a wonderful way to tell the stories of all your animals. You can tell they are really loved. I look forward to reading many more stories.
    lyn moon recently posted…Ideas for Fence Pickets.

  10. I have so enjoyed your blog this year, thank you for being a regular contributor and integral part of The Clever Chicks Blog Hop! ♥ Happy Blogaversary!
    Kathy Shea Mormino, The Chicken Chick recently posted…Clever Chicks Blog Hop #71 with a Bombdiggity Giveaway from my new sponsor, Gershwin & Gertie!

  11. Congrats! Your stories and sense of humor have us coming back for more. 🙂
    Lori recently posted…Learning

  12. Congrats! Your blog is fantastic, I look forward to more wonderful (and funny!) posts!
    jody recently posted…Felted Dryer Balls

  13. Congrats and many more years of enjoyable writing. I love your bio picture here on the front page. It exudes a confident, capable, strong, and independent woman. Rock on, sister!
    Thanks for sharing over at the Maple Hill Hop!
    daisy recently posted…The Maple Hill Hop 15

  14. Congrats to you on this milestone! It certainly is nice to have a tool like the internet so we wouldn’t have to ALL be creepy and shove our hand-scrawled notes into draws, right?? 🙂

    All the best to you in blogland over the coming year :)!

    Erin Blegen recently posted…How-To Monday: Successfully Ventilate the Cold Climate Chicken Coop

  15. Congrats on your first year and may there be many more. I too love your humour and your lovely animal stories. I am just coming up to two years on my blog and I too am glad it’s not just in a drawer. It is so lovely having like minded peoples input and sharing. I look forward to lots more of your stories.
    Carol Caldwell recently posted…Bluebell’s eggs

  16. Awesome! Celebrating is fun! Carole