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Oh No! Injuries In The Barnyard!

If there's one profession that I would never, ever be able to support myself doing, it would be nursing.  I would be on food stamps and living in public housing because I have not a single skill set that nursing requires.  More specifically, I have been passing out at the sight of blood or having a needle close to my person since I was young.  Since I now have a pacemaker I don't completely pass … [Read more...]

Egg, Egg…Who’s Got The Egg?

Sometimes, for me, writing a post is hard to come by.  My rule is to be true to my animals. I don't make these stories up.  They are told to me by my four-legged (and in the case of chickens, two-legged) friends. Unfortunately, some days are more interesting than others. Today, it snowed all day. There was lots of shoveling and checking on the animals.  Photos were taken.  But nothing special … [Read more...]

But It Itches!

Sometimes I wonder what goes on inside their heads.  I'm out there in the barnyard and I look over and something odd is going on.  It happens all the time. I caught this one a few days ago. Jesse seemed to think it would be a good idea to use Brandy as a scratching post.  It went on for what seemed like forever.  Brandy barely moved the entire time.  Sometimes Jessie comes round looking for a … [Read more...]

One Year Already?

Well, I missed it.  Yep.  It flew right past without so much as a one-handed clap. This little blog turned a year old - eleven days ago. As anyone who knows me well will tell you, I'm not a sentimental soul.  I've got practicality running through my veins.  But I love deep.  And hard.  And quiet. I've had a blast with this little blog over the past year.  I've loved hanging out in the … [Read more...]

I’ve Created A Goat Monster

Oh, sometimes things simply don't go the way you planned.  Sometimes they're a little wrong, sometimes they veer WAY off course.  This is one of those WAY off course tales. To start this tale, you need to know I wear a ratty North Face black puffy jacket in the winter in the barnyard.  It's like the official Colorado State Uniform.  It keeps me warm and it was too big when I got it so I can … [Read more...]

Keela 3, Squirrels 0

Earlier today, just after my healthy yogurt breakfast, I looked out the window and saw Keela with an obviously very fresh dead squirrel in her mouth. She was slinking around the yard trying to find a place to bury it.  She looked at me, gave me the stink eye (Don't come near my squirrel, lady!) and tried to become invisible. I was impressed.  The squirrels around here are very fast and highly … [Read more...]

Strange Sightings in the Snow

As I start typing this, it's -5° at 5:30am.  I can see the glow of the red heat bulb in the coop, and  I hope the new heater I bought for the shed is adequate to keep the temps in there around 10°. However, I think the cold is getting to us all.  Everyone's acting a bit strange around here. Doink, who NEVER walks in the snow, followed me out into the barnyard.  He walked around in the snow … [Read more...]

Looking Forward…And Back

Hello, 2014! We rang in the new year...sound asleep. Might not sound exciting, but Very Excellent Husband Don is starting the year with a long bike ride (in 32 degree weather) and I was tired from working in the barnyard all day.  We had a wonderful dinner with our best friends and turned in early.  I consider being able to do that without a shred of regret one of the benefits of getting older … [Read more...]