A Good Time Was Had By All

Well, that pretty much sums it up...

Actually, I think the truth was revealed long ago…

Ah, Thanksgiving.  I’m still a little full, and there’s even a few leftovers lurking in the fridge.   The house is quiet again, although it seemed to vibrate a bit for a few hours after Excellent Son Sawyer, the last person to leave, drove back to Durango on Sunday.

This house loves a party.  It’s small, but it knows how to rock.  And when you cram 23 people inside for a big Thanksgiving meal, some fun is bound to break out.

You know those photos of smiling, polite, well-dressed families at Thanksgiving?  Those that eat but still leave room for dessert, can clean up in an hour and then play board games in the evening?  Yeah, that’s not us.

We don’t take many photos during the evening, and those we take (as you will see) seem to be snapped by a three year-old with a Playskool camera.  You see, before the meal, we’re too busy hugging and drinking cocktails. During the meal, we’re too busy talking (loudly) and eating WAY too much.  After the meal?  That would just be ugly.

We do like tradition.  Our new tradition is a drinking game.  Last year, Very Excellent Husband Don touted his “from scratch” Porterhouse rolls one time too many.  New rule:  someone says “scratch”, we drink.  Wonderful!

Well, one photo was taken...  Look at those rolls - from scratch!

Look at those rolls – from scratch!

We apparently aren’t fans of cranberry sauce.  Two different, tasty choices but very few takers.  It was comical after dinner, looking at all the dishes in various states of destruction, and then two almost perfectly full bowls of the red stuff!

When you don’t use a single disposable plate, glass, napkin or fork and then have appetizers, soup, main course, dessert, water, cocktails, wine and coffee…well, lets just say we were still doing dishes well into the weekend.  I think they were multiplying behind our back.

Keela was put to work cleaning dishes.

We put Keela to work.  She performed admirably!

Excellent Daughter Libby and I look forward to doing a jigsaw puzzle every year during Thanksgiving.  A short, two day break for her coupled with our job of doing the table settings meant no puzzle this year.  Next year, bare tables and paper plates.

Well, maybe I'll just start on it a little earlier...

Well, maybe I’ll just start on it a little earlier…

This is a puzzle with no edges pieces and nothing but sky and flying pink pigs.  I will still be working on it when she gets back for Christmas!

This year’s puzzle, opened after she got on the plane, has no edges pieces and nothing but sky and flying pink pigs. I will still be working on it when she gets back for Christmas!

You don’t need to be born in the same family to BE family.  Thanksgiving would not have been complete without our wonderful friends who came and made the evening much more special.

The kids' table started out looking like this...

The kids’ table started out looking like this…

And ended up looking like this!

And ended up looking like this!

Now, I’ll start washing the linens, cleaning the spare bedrooms and restocking the pantry.  We’ll be doing it all over again in three weeks! (I think the house just smiled.)

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  1. Looks and sounds like it was a great day! LOVE your table settings. Both the kids redone one and the adults. We love to do puzzles too and one with all sky and no edge pieces sounds… hard. Have fun. BTW Sweet Keela seems to be enjoying her work. Our pooches help with the dishes too. Never any disposable dish stuff here either :)
    Jen recently posted…Day Thirty

    • There’s something about a dog licking a dish, moving it back and forth across the kitchen floor, that makes my world a little bit happier! Not to mention easier!

  2. As usual, another great post by the Chicken Mama! Thanks for an enjoyable read!

  3. I love this post! It makes me happy to read about what was clearly a wonderful day for you all! Good luck with that puzzle!
    jody recently posted…Chicken House Relocation (Phase One!)

  4. As usual a brilliant post. Just the right size. But I object. A board game with plenty of cheating and wild arguments is a must. Hats off the Keela for the admirable cleaning job. :-)

  5. I’ll be over to help with the puzzle! Love puzzles!
    How about butcher block paper on the table and everyone draws in their place setting and decorations? Then you could put it up on the wall.

    • That butcher block paper would look like modern art with all the red wine circles and gravy splotches! Come on over – the puzzle glares at me every morning :-)

  6. Hi Joan. Thanks for stopping by the farm. I always enjoy your posts…looks like our families would get along splendidly! Glad you had a super Thanksgiving!

  7. It does sound like a grand time was had by all! We did end up playing board games and let me tell you “Scattergories” with ages ranging from 6 to 44 can be a *very* interesting game!
    Kim recently posted…A little of this and that…

  8. I love that your house just smiled! What a lovely sentiment! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures
    Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures recently posted…That’s a Wrap!

  9. What a wonderful post, yes our family is alot like yours, we just like to be together and have fun, the dishes can wait. Ah but there’s always time for a game, thanks for sharing on Tuesdays With a Twist, and for the smile.
    Joyce @ It’s Your Life recently posted…Real Food Fridays #15 Link Up

  10. Great post, loved reading about your Thanksgiving and the traditions. We too enjoy doing puzzles. Nothing better than a house full over the holidays! thanks for sharing on the HomeAcre Hop, hope to see you again tomorrow! – Nancy
    The HomeAcre Hop
    Nancy W recently posted…My Garden: Cold December Garden

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