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Best Christmas Surprise Ever

A few days before Christmas, our Excellent Daughter Libby called home in tears.  Things were not going well.  The restaurant where she worked had unexpectedly closed down a few days earlier, she needed to find a new job ASAP, and she was short on funds to board her dog to take advantage of our offer of a plane ticket home for the holidays.  She had a couple of interviews lined up and could do some … [Read more...]

Lucy and Ethel Go On A Visit

I feel a bit sheepish.  I feel a bit embarrassed. After all my sub-zero cold weather, here in Colorado...well, it was 65 degrees in the barnyard. (Snow is predicted for the weekend, so we're not out of the woods yet, haha.) To celebrate, Lucy and Ethel flew over the fence and came up to the house to socialize a bit. The door was open, and they waltzed right … [Read more...]

Vaseline For Chicken Comb Protection?

Last week, I wrote about applying Vaseline to the combs of Lucy, Ethel and Rapunzel to protect them from the bitter sub-zero temperatures we were having.  I got enough responses that I thought I should share this experience with everyone. To recap:  We had sub-zero night temperatures for a week, combined with mostly single digits during the day.  (For those of you who live in Alaska, I say to … [Read more...]

Sub-Zero Thoughts

There's some things I know for sure.  I would not have been a good pioneer. It was -11 degrees when I got up today.  I am a certified wuss when it comes to this kind of adversity. And by this kind of adversity, I mostly mean worrying about the animals.  The animals who have heated water containers, heat sources in both the coop and the shed, and masses of fresh straw and clean blankets for … [Read more...]

A Good Time Was Had By All

Ah, Thanksgiving.  I'm still a little full, and there's even a few leftovers lurking in the fridge.   The house is quiet again, although it seemed to vibrate a bit for a few hours after Excellent Son Sawyer, the last person to leave, drove back to Durango on Sunday. This house loves a party.  It's small, but it knows how to rock.  And when you cram 23 people inside for a big Thanksgiving … [Read more...]