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Thanksgiving Dressing With A Kick

This is going to be short and sweet.  Actually, short and spicy.  A few years ago I found a dressing recipe that made me swoon.  Swoon, I tell you.  It added a wonderful kick to what I've always considered a holiday meal BEGGING for something spicy. Get this - Tamale Cornbread Dressing.  Crazy, right?  The first bite made it my instant Thanksgiving favorite. It is not my recipe.  I'm not … [Read more...]

Preparing To Hunker Down

We've already had a couple of snows in these here parts.  However, they were little things that melted quickly.  You know, warmups for the NEXT FIVE MONTHS.  As someone who never paid a bit of attention to the weather before I acquired animals, I'm all up on the five day forecast now.   I know we're gonna get another little snow, but this time it will come with some COLD days and COLDER nights - … [Read more...]

The Leaves Of Our Lives

In autumn, I love the way different trees drop their leaves in their own unique way. It's like they've got their own personality.  But it's not personality, or even animalality.  I guess it's treeality. We've got an ash tree that starts getting itchy to shed leaves in late September.  On the other hand, our beautiful red oak in the back holds on to its leaves for dear life.  It has barely … [Read more...]

The Pig Is A Comedian

I've always loved to laugh. It's one of my favorite things to do. I'm not terribly discerning about what makes me laugh.  I'm not above sophomoric humor.  But I really appreciate smart humor. I should have gotten a pig sooner. Doink makes me giggle every single day.  I don't know if he intends to be funny, but he is.  Oddly enough, his humor is mostly smart.  He's funny because he's all … [Read more...]

One Hard Workin’ Pig

I've got another project going in the barnyard.  I needed to dig into a little slope and build a small rock retaining wall.  Doink got his snout into action and helped with the digging.  When we were finished, he was one pooped pig!  Enjoy your well-deserved nap, big man! (Shared at Clever Chicks Hop, Homesteaders Hop, Homestead Barn Hop, Tuesdays With A Twist, Backyard Farming Connection … [Read more...]

A Barnyard Out of Balance

Is it the change of seasons? Or the ongoing molting of the hens?  Or Brandy's diet crankiness?  I haven't been able to put my finger on it exactly, but it feels like there's an imbalance in the barnyard now.  Nothing dramatic or anything, just a slight dissonance in the overall tone of the place.  Oh, and an almost total lack of eggs.  Come on ladies - you can do better that that! The sleeping … [Read more...]