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I Had A Bad Day

To be honest, it was not a bad third world day.  I simply had a less than pleasant Monday.  It was full of those things that make my ridiculously easy life a bit frustrating.  Clothes shopping was on the list, which for me is never fun.  Then there was the laundry, housecleaning, phone calls, health insurance reimbursements, grocery shopping and needing food for the animals.   It added up to lots … [Read more...]

The BEST Halloween Craft EVER

I have a cousin, Beth, who is crazy talented.  Crazy. Talented.  Everything she touches turns freaking awesome. She has always been kind of magical to me.  She was the older cousin I looked up to, the sister I never had.  She married the second most wonderful man in the world (Very Excellent Husband Don gets top honors - sorry Fayne!) and they have more fun than any two people I know. They … [Read more...]

Life Lessons In The Barnyard

I had a glorious afternoon in the barnyard this past week.  A glorious, nutty afternoon.  I started by making a to-do list then headed out into the beautiful, sunny day. First chore?  Moving the rock pile.  It's too close to the proposed site of the shed that will hold up the roof I bought. Not fun, but hey, I've got a cart and a strong back.  How hard could it be? I didn't factor in my … [Read more...]

Congratulations, Ethel!

Yesterday just before I took off for work I looked out back and saw Ethel in the yard again.  Deep sigh.  They have such a nice barnyard.  The grass is NOT greener on the other side, damn it!  I usually always go out and put them back over the fence when I see them in the yard, but I was running late and skipped it. When I got back she had returned her bad self back over the fence.  "Thank you, … [Read more...]

Can’t We All Just Get Along? Well, Maybe….

With winter weather soon upon us, I've been watching for signs that Brandy has really, truly accepted Jessie as part of her family.  Indoor time will greatly increase as the snow flies and I'd like for the mood in the goat shed to be all happiness and butterflies and unicorns.  Just the way I roll, you know. Overt animosity has decreased, that's for sure.  I've observed Brandy letting Jessie … [Read more...]