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Chicken Zombie Apocolypse

Fall is here.  Fall is NOT my favorite season. I think of myself as mostly an optimist. However, the fall season, with all the leaves dropping off trees (let's be honest, those leaves are dying) gets me down.  Not to mention the whole fall temperature whiplash thing. I need a sweatshirt and jeans in the morning, by 2pm I've shucked all that for a t-shirt and shorts, and by evening feeding at … [Read more...]

Houston, We Have A Problem

My oh my.  Things have gotten out of control in the barnyard.  The teenagers, Lucy and Ethel, are rebelling.  They're acting out.  They're getting into trouble.  They need to to know that their behavior is NOT OK. I'm thinking about grounding them. Literally. First it was Lucy roosting on the treehouse.  And I thought, you know, that's ok. Marching to the beat of a different drummer and all. I … [Read more...]

Road Trip

With Very Excellent Husband Don off in Italy pursuing his 60th birthday cycling trip of a lifetime, I decided to go to Durango to see Excellent Son Sawyer. Road trip! Now, I don't like traveling.  I do enjoy being in other places - I just don't like getting there. I had a lot of things going for me. Durango is an awesome town. My animal/house sitters are great. VEH Don is eight time zones … [Read more...]

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Oh, the rain.  The drenching rain for the past three days.  Last night it turned very serious - national news kind of serious.  We've got major flooding. My thoughts go out to everyone in harm's way.   Here at Happy Mama Acre, we now have lakefront property.  Nothing horrible.  Nothing life changing. Nonetheless, we've got a LOT of water flowing through the … [Read more...]

I Bought A Roof!

So, I have the BEST friends in the world.  Hands down the best friends. Ever. On my daily Craigslist search for whatever looks good, I recently found...a roof.  A roof advertised to be constructed of intentionally rusted, not galvanized, metal.  A 7.5' by 10' roof. Well built, by a professional carpenter. And I thought, I might need a roof, and this one is quite nice. Calls were made, deals … [Read more...]

A Pound Here, A Pound There…Uh-Oh!

Recent guests to cocktail hour at Happy Mama Acre have almost all asked the same question. Is Brandy getting fat? The answer is, unfortunately, YES. When sweet Jessie came to live with us, I started putting out free-choice hay.  That's what growing baby goats need.  Before Jessie,  I gave Brandy about half a flake a day (a flake is a measure of hay, a piece or section that a square bale … [Read more...]