Archives for August 2013

Sofia’s “Animalality”

I find the behavior of my animals endlessly interesting.  I could, and sometimes do, watch them for hours.  As I was sitting out back a few days ago, observing, I came up with the word "animalality".  Like personality, only in animals instead of persons. Doesn't roll off the tongue, but I still like the concept. Each animal in my barnyard has a distinct animalality.  And just like humans, some … [Read more...]

The Dog Days of Summer

Oh, it's hot outside folks.  It's really hot.  Me, I'm happy.   Most humans I know, not so much. Even though I love the heat, I would trade our current stretch of 90 plus degree days for something cooler - the animals are just plain wilted. I've got the fan going in the goat shed.  The cooling heads of cabbage and lettuce are hanging in the chicken run for afternoon snacking.  I'm … [Read more...]

Lucy The Crazy Hen

So, if you've liked The Chicken Mama on Facebook, you know that I've got a renegade chicken in the flock.  It's Lucy, my 6 month old White Leghorn, sister to Ethel. A few nights ago, on my end-of-the-evening check at about 9pm, the head count in the coop revealed a chicken was missing.  I knew it was either Lucy or Ethel, but in my rush to search for the missing hen, I didn't spend too much … [Read more...]

I’m Baaack!

Well, it was quite the week working the Denver County Fair! I'm still decompressing and wrapping up loose ends, but I've now got all the extra paper (I think I killed a whole forest with the paperwork) recycled and the rest filed.  There's a nice neat pile of extra supplies ready to take to storage.  A few more e-mails, finalizing the expense report, debriefing meetings with bosses and crew and … [Read more...]