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What’s In A Name?

I've been thinking about, and tinkering with, names lately.  When I can't sleep at 4am, my mind has lots of time to roam.  (My ability to sleep somehow has gotten worse over the past year.  That's kinda like a bald guy losing more hair.  But I digress.) I listen to the BBC overnight when I can't sleep, so I've gotten more information than I wanted on the new baby prince.  That poor kid had no … [Read more...]

Partners in Crime

Here at Happy Mama Acre, we are tired.  We need a nap. Lots of great things going on, but it's all happening at the same time and I'm having a hard time keeping up. I'm working a big job (Competitions Director for the Denver County Fair) that will definitely be the focus of my life for the next month.  Posts may drop off, but I swear I'll be back and ready to share in … [Read more...]

My Gardening Confession

My name is Joan, and I'm a gardening failure. There.  I've said it. Do you think less of me now?  Lordy, I hope not. I try and I try, and hope springs eternal every March, but I simply cannot find the gardening love. This year was going to be different!  Even though I professed my previous gardening failures, I jumped in with both feet and made a hoop cold frame and got seeds in the … [Read more...]

A Goat By Any Other Name

First, an update.  We're a little over a week with our beautiful new baby goat.  And things are getting better. Not as fast as I'd like, but then that's my ongoing lesson in patience. Amazingly enough, AFTER I decided Brandy needed a friend and I brought this little guy home, I remembered that Brandy had practically never seen another goat.  If I remember the story right, her mom died soon … [Read more...]

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

In the perfect world in my head, here's what I imagined I would be writing now: "We picked up our beautiful new baby goat in the late afternoon. By the time we got home the sky was aglow with a beautiful sunset.  We opened the barnyard gate and coaxed the little guy inside.  Brandy immediately came over, gave him a sniff then licked his head and proclaimed he was her little guy now.  She draped … [Read more...]