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She Wants To Be a House Hen

Ah, the personalities of my chickens. My sweet Sofia (often called Short Beak) definitely, truly, does not want to live in the barnyard.  She's usually hanging around the gate, waiting for me to show up. Then, after I'm through the gate, she's follows me everywhere.  I give the chickens their morning scratch treat before going to clean the coop and she leaves the other hens and comes to join … [Read more...]

Why I Love Summer

The Summer Solstice has come and gone.  It is both my favorite and least favorite day of the year.  My favorite because it's the longest day of the year.  My least favorite because now the days start getting shorter. In my perfect world, summer would be be nine months long followed by one month of fall, one month of a snowy winter and one month of spring. I love summer.  Everything about … [Read more...]

Coop Upgrade = Anxious Hens

I learn things every day.  This weekend, I learned that hens, at least my hens, are not fans of change. I thought I was doing them a favor. They thought differently. I wanted to give them something new, something nice.  Since I needed to take out the roost in the goat shed to make room for the new goat lofts, I thought I'd give the ladies a top-of-the-line nesting box in the coop to thank … [Read more...]

SWG (Single White Goat) Seeks Same

Oh, Brandy.  Brandy, Brandy, Brandy.  You have been quite the feisty one lately.  You jockey for my attention when I'm in the barnyard, you chase the chickens, and poor Doink gets head-butted all day long. I think you, little girl,  need a playmate. Maybe she's been asking for a friend for a while.   Maybe I just haven't been listening.  I knew when Doink and Brandy showed up on my … [Read more...]

A Summer Barnyard Story

This is mostly a story in pictures.  I didn't write my usual post on Sunday because I've been juggling too many balls and dropping a few.  I couldn't figure out why.  But then it hit me on my tenth trip between my computer (I usually work in the kitchen) and my printer (in a back bedroom). It's summer.  It's finally, FINALLY HOT.  I just wanted to be outside.  So I got all my scanning and … [Read more...]

Oh No, Not Again!

Sometimes it's like a soap opera around here.  A little misbehavin' here, a little inappropriate behavior there.  And then there's a murder. Back in the day when I used to watch soap operas with my grandma and grandpa (or "our show" as we called it) someone was always gettin' killed and it was almost always an accident. Accidental murder.  Yeah, we had one of those this week. Things … [Read more...]

Ready…Set…No, Don’t Set!

Oh, Aretha Franklin.  Worst chicken mom in the world.  Why are you broody again? Beautiful Aretha went broody on me a few days ago.  A broody, or setting hen wants to sit on eggs and produce chicks.   Two problems with that around here.  Liberty went to greener pastures (we hope) so we don't have any fertilized eggs for Aretha to sit on AND she failed the mom test the last time she went … [Read more...]