Son of Foo Foo

First sighting of Bunny Foo Foo

First sighting of Bunny Foo Foo

Last year in July, we found a teeny tiny baby rabbit in the barnyard.  It was all alone in the straw under the lean-to. The bunny was incredibly small – only a little bit bigger than one of the chicken’s eggs.

Was she an orphan?  I did a bit of research and found out that a mother rabbit will feed her babies in the morning and evening and leave the nest for the rest of the day.

Maybe she wasn’t abandoned after all.


I didn’t give the bunny, who we immediately named Bunny Foo Foo, much of a chance of survival.  Doink frequents the lean-to and it’s one of his favorite places to nap.  That could have been one squished baby bunny.

Two days after the first photo - how she had grown!

Two days after the first photo – how she had grown!

Lo and behold, Bunny Foo Foo survived. She took up residence under the goat shed and I saw her most every day hopping around behind the garage.  (I knew she was a smart bunny, because Keela can’t get behind the garage.)

Now, we have about a million rabbits in our neighborhood and any given morning I see six or so when I go out and get the paper.  But as far as I can tell, only Bunny Foo Foo lives under the goat shed.

Or so I thought.

Meet Son of Foo Foo!  I spotted him peeking out from under the goat shed stairs earlier this month.  He was about the size of a softball.   I see him almost every day now.  He’s cute as a button.  Cute as a reckless button.

That's one dangerous place to be, Son of Foo Foo.

That’s one dangerous place to be, Son of Foo Foo.

Son of Foo Foo is not as smart as his mom.  He likes to hang out in the yard next to the gate to the barnyard.  The yard that Keela lives in.  The yard Keela hunts down rabbits in.  I now must check before I open the door and let Keela out.  There have been a couple of close calls.  I hope Son of Foo Foo gets smarter soon.

Mom is still a savvy rabbit.  I see her in the barnyard, I see her behind the garage.   I’ve NEVER seen her in the yard.  She’s one smart bunny.

Mrs. Foo Foo was recently spotted sunning herself in the barnyard.

Mrs. Foo Foo was recently spotted sunning herself in the barnyard.

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  1. LOL that is funny. We have a smart rabbit in the yard too. He taunts the dogs who are both over 10 years old. The rabbit knows where the dogs can go and can’t go. Sits outside his under the woodshed house and watches them. When no one is close he grazes across the open space and if they decide to chase turns that into a sprint. No doubt they all are aware of the game. Sometimes the cat can cause a close call, he lives above ground in the woodshed.

    • There is a bit of a sneaky aspect to Son of Foo Foo’s behavior! There’s a lot of places for him to be that Keela can’t see him, but somehow he’s always there, lurking in the shadows. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Wow, Ms. Foo Foo is a smart girl! Too bad her son isn’t as clever! I hope they all make it!

  3. Wow Joan, Sure sounds like my place with the exception of staying out of the yard. Jackson Brown could case less that we so many running around. Honey on the other had is a little Schnauzer that Monkey rescued a few months ago. She sounds a bit like Keela except we can’t let her roam. She’s a runner and being a little dog a total Brillo pad too, everything sticks to her. BTW love their names, you always make me smile when I visit.

    Have a great day buddy!
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  4. I think I found you thru the farm blog hop but I am loving your animal stories so much!

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  7. Son of Foo is so cute.
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