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Goodbye, Liberty

There's never a dull moment in the barnyard.  Most of those moments are delightful.  Some, less so. Recently, Liberty the rooster has been crowing (from within the confines of the coop) starting at 4:30am.  Crowing. Almost. Constantly. Every. Morning. He settles down after around 7am when I open the coop door and he can strut around the barnyard - mostly.  He still gives about ten good crows … [Read more...]

Grumpy Pig Alert!

I sit here watching the snow fly...AGAIN.  There's a fierce wind blowing it sideways.  Deep. Heavy. Sigh. Yes, the farmers need the moisture. I'm all for the farmers getting their precipitation.  But why oh why does it have to be in the form of snow on April 22nd??? (I am such a whiner.) When the flakes began falling, I started writing this long boring post about how weather became really … [Read more...]

Osprey Update

For those of you who wanted an update on the osprey pair I wrote about in this earlier post, here it is! I'm glad to say the female returned on April 3rd. After her arrival, there was a flurry of nest building.  I think it grew almost a foot in height!  In addition to building their nest, the pair spent a considerable amount of time mating. Go birds!   They go somewhere else, I … [Read more...]

Doink – A Pig With Personality

Doink.  I wish I could say I came up with that name.  But no, his first parents named him. He is a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig.  He is black - from head to toe.  There are no "whites of his eyes".  All black, all the time. We adopted Doink with his life partner, Brandy the goat, almost a year ago. I got tired of bacon jokes almost immediately. There's a lot of mis-information about pet … [Read more...]

Grits…Swiss Chard…And An Egg

Oh man.  Again, I try and try and simply can't take a good photo of my food.  I promise you this recipe tastes crazy good, even if the pictures are not blog-worthy. I start with Alton Brown's grits recipe. Tonight they came out a bit lumpy. I blame it on needing to feed the animals in the barnyard while the grits were cooking, so the whisking had to wait while Doink got his dinner. Lumps … [Read more...]

The Relatives Came

I've been absent from the blog this week.  My favorite people in all the world, my cousin and her husband, came to visit.  I consider Beth more sister than cousin - we were both only children and she was my idol growing up. Her husband, Fayne (yep - that's Wayne with an "F"), is one of the greatest guys in the world.  We don't see them nearly often enough, but since they both recently retired I'm … [Read more...]

The Addictive Osprey Watch

Oh, like I need one more time suck in my life.  Something that I look at  - just for a second! - and then two hours are gone. Like many of you, I've been rejoicing that spring has delivered news about babies.  I've been watching chick hatchings and waiting for blog posts about goat births - obsessively. Yet none of these has gripped me and not let go like the osprey cam. The short story (you … [Read more...]