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Sandwich Like Daddy’s

When the kids were little, Very Excellent Husband Don would take them to McDonald's on Sunday morning so I could sleep in. The kids would get pancakes, VEH Don would get an Egg McMuffin without the sausage and I would get some shut eye. Frankly, I always thought I got the best part of the deal. Anyway, somehow the kids started calling that Egg McMuffin a "Sandwich Like Daddy's" and we … [Read more...]

Poor Molting Thelma

While all the other ladies are struttin' their Sunday best in the spring sunshine, poor Thelma is molting.  For you non-chicken owners out there, many chickens shed from a few to almost all of their feathers from time to time.  It's like having a bad hair day for around two months - bummer, huh? I guess it's unusual for chickens to molt in the spring.  Usually their feathers fly in the fall … [Read more...]

Imagining Summer

Very Excellent Husband Don was correct, as usual.  When I wrote this post, he said there was more snow to come. The storm we're in the middle of is THE LAST ONE, right? Please?  Pretty please?  Everyone is posting photos of their seeds popping out of the ground and their baby animals and the new outside projects they're starting. And we're buried under 10" of snow.  With more to come in the … [Read more...]

Our Out-Of-The-Fridge Dinner

Yeah, I know.  I'm incapable of posting an egg recipe once a week.  My bad. I SHOULD have taken food pictures on Friday night when our happy hour group - nine of us in all - came back to our house on the spur of the moment to continue the happiness with huevos rancheros and dancing in the kitchen. Eighteen eggs made-to-order, two on top of each steaming stack of tortilla, refried beans, chopped … [Read more...]

Sick Chicken In the House – All Is Well

I am very happy to report that my sick hen, Sofia, aka Short Beak is getting along fine now.  She had sour crop, which I suspected from the research I did BEFORE I took her to the vet.  The confirmation came during my wait at the vet, when I used my smartphone to get an answer as to why Sofia had stinky burps (yes!) Notice I didn't say the vet confirmed this.  Because she didn't.  While she was … [Read more...]

Garden Dreams

  Remember when there was no Internet and all we had to judge ourselves by was our next door neighbors? Sometimes I long for those days. Here's the deal.  I am not a good gardener.  I want to be, but I am not. Gardening is not for those of use who like instant gratification. A tomato takes about four months minimum to grow around here.  Each of my chickens lays an egg once … [Read more...]

Sick Chicken In the House – The Amazing Part

I had to take my sweet Sofia, a hen we took in from a neighbor last year, into the vet yesterday. I had been keeping an eye on her for a few days. She was not getting off the roost in the morning and was looking listless and keeping to herself more than usual. I call her Short Beak because (you guessed it) her beak is clipped. She's a total sweetie, but is definitely an outlier in the barnyard. … [Read more...]

Last Snow, Emergency Room and A Big Party

With a heavy sigh I accepted we were getting another boat-load of snow today.  Forecast was for 8-14" and it started snowing steadily about 4am. The storm is now over - we don't have that much on the ground, but it has been good, wet snow.  The farmers will be happy. O.K. farmers - I get the need for moisture, but I'm done.  I'm calling it the LAST snow of the season.  Very Excellent Husband … [Read more...]