Everything’s Better With An Egg On Top

It's a party - we need a lot of eggs!

It’s a party – we need a lot of eggs!

Well, it only took me three weeks to be late posting my Eggcellent Sunday recipe.  I’m blaming it on having a house full of people for the Super Bowl.  Oh well.

I threw this Potato Hash with an Egg On Top recipe together earlier in the week after sticking my head in the pantry and wondering why in the world I bought the huge bag of potatoes that was sitting there.  We liked it so much we served it to the Super Bowl crowd yesterday.  It was a hit, just like that awesome commercial celebrating farmers.

Nothing was measured either time – this is one on those “throw stuff in till it looks right” recipes.  I like those kind of recipes.  They’re easily adjustable.  I made it for the two of us on Tuesday and nine on Sunday.

Potato Hash with an Egg On Top

  • Start by peeling and dicing a few potatoes.  Put ’em in a pot, cover with cold water, add some salt, turn up the heat and boil till they’re barely done – don’t overcook! Drain and set aside.
  • Dice some onion and red bell pepper.  Heat equal amounts of butter and olive oil in a skillet.  Toss in the onion/pepper mixture.  Add salt and pepper and some smoked paprika if you’ve got it. Cook on medium for a few minutes, till the onion starts to color a bit.
  • Throw in a couple cloves of minced garlic and the potatoes.  Getting the potatoes good and crunchy is going to take a while.  Keep an eye on it and stir infrequently.  (The less you stir the faster the potatoes get a nice crust on them.)


  • Meanwhile, cook up some kind of meat or meat substitute.  We used veggie breakfast patties, but you can use anything you’ve got on hand – ground meat, chorizo, pulled pork, bacon – use what you like best!
  • When the potatoes are looking almost done, add your meat of choice and some frozen corn.


  • I added some green chile, because I add it to everything, and some queso I made for dip.  If I didn’t have queso, I would’ve used some jalapeno jack cheese.
  • Make sure everything is hot and add salt/pepper if needed.
  • At this point, you’ve got some crazy good hash.  However, EVERYTHING’S BETTER WITH AN EGG ON TOP!  I recommend over-medium, with runny yolks but firm whites.  I also recommend two eggs, because two is twice as good as one.
Eggs to order for the nine of us - Very Excellent Husband Don fried a lot of eggs!

Eggs to order for the nine of us – Very Excellent Husband Don fried a lot of eggs!

  • A nice mound of hash, topped with the eggs, and crowned with salsa.  As you can see, I served this with a nice caesar salad on the side.  (Please, make your own croutons if you’re making caesar!)


Once again, thank you to the hens out back for giving us these glorious eggs to eat.  Yum!

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  1. Oh, my – this looks delicious! Thanks for stopping by my blog – it gave me a chance to visit you 🙂

  2. Looks great – and like something my family would love. At first when I glanced at the photo, I thought you had candy corn in the pan! Now, my children would really love that!!
    Hope @ Fairhope Supply Co. recently posted…"BEADS!!!!" (Said the Snowbird)

  3. That looks delicious! I’m pinning this one. How in the world did you cut your potatoes so uniformly yourself? Mine are always very, um, unique looking… lol
    Jamie at Prepared to Eat recently posted…Buffalo Chip Cookies

  4. Oh yum! I love me some hash with an egg on top (but my eggs must be well done…hate mushy yolks! Just like my Dad!) Thanks so much for sharing this on The HomeAcre Hop!
    Lisa Lynn recently posted…How to Butcher a Chicken

  5. Thanks for sharing on The Creative HomeAcre!

    Hope to see you again on Sunday!

  6. Howdy Joan! Love this post and your recipe… Congratulations… you are this weeks featured Tasty Tuesday Recipe at Dandelion House! thanks for sharing this on the FF blog hop last week! I’m going to try it now that we are getting more eggs from our girls…

    • Wow Debbie – thank you so much. I’m honored! I love the Farmgirl Friday Hop. Lots of talented people and great ideas – always something new to try!

      I’m getting more eggs now too, finally. Hope you enjoy the hash…and the egg on top!

  7. You just gave me a funny memory. I’m not a huge egg fan, but like you, I made has a while back. I was using leftover roast beef – love roast beef hash! Anyhow, I decided to bake it, rather than frying it, letting it really crisp up in the oven then cracking a few eggs on top to bake. I see people do that all the time, but for me … they turned into plastic. I swear, I could have drilled holes in them and worn them like earrings LOL. Oh well, the hash was awesome!! 🙂 [#TALU]
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  8. I discovered I can’t eat eggs anymore last summer 🙁 bummer. I’ve been wanting to buy some organic ones and see if I could eat those but I also stop at the price. These are some beautiful dishes you made. TALU
    Kenya G. Johnson recently posted…Tuesday Archive Link Up #36

  9. This is my type of recipe, pinning it to make later! So glad you shared it – TALU!
    Nancy W recently posted…My Garden: Book Review – Animal, Vegetable, Miracle