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The BEST Breakfast Burrito

Amazingly, here's week two of Eggcellent Sunday.  Who knew I could actually do something two weeks in a row - there's hope for me yet! This recipe started with my husband cooking weekend breakfast for the kids.  It's called Eggy Cheesy Burritos.  And it's GREAT! Ingredients: Vegetable oil Two sausage patties - we use Morningstar Farms veggie patties Butter Four beaten eggs … [Read more...]

Drama In The Barnyard

Over at Just The Right Things, I introduced my Liberty-the-Teenage-Rooster problem. Liberty has been flaunting his newly-discovered rooster testosterone in the barnyard, much to the dismay of the hens.  His original strategy was to run willy-nilly around the barnyard, jumping on the first hen he could catch. There was much squawking and unhappiness.  It was a few weeks of total … [Read more...]

Birdie In The Nest, Kitchen Style

Today at The Chicken Mama, I'm starting a new series "Eggcellent Sunday Recipes". I hope to feature a new egg-based recipe every week.  On Sunday. I give myself a month, tops, before something comes up and all of a sudden it's Wednesday and I'm all, "Hmm, did I forget something?" Sometimes the recipe may be complex and intricate.  But I'm startin' out easy. You know Birdie In The Nest, … [Read more...]

Pigs Need Nests, Too

Around here, it was REALLY COLD for over a week.  Like sub-zero and single digits at night, warming up to the teens and low twenties in the daytime. For some people in other regions of the country, this is not that cold.  I probably seem like a wimp to them. Well, I AM a wimp.  I grew up in Texas.  I had no idea what cold was until I moved to Colorado. I have a love/hate relationship with … [Read more...]

Introducing The Chicken Mama

So here you are at my new blog...The Chicken Mama. You might know me from Just The Right Things.  My business/writing partner Nancy and I have been blogging there since October of 2009. Our first post is here.  Great idea, right? Over the past three plus years, Nancy has been staying on task and writing about exactly what we set out to write about...two women in search of things that make … [Read more...]